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Perceptor at 2005-11-12 6:47 am   (site update)
Okay, so now you know all about the G1 original as well as the Energon version now lets get up to speed (pardon the pun) with the most recent CYBERTRON JETFIRE. Okay, so he's not a cool carryover from another toy line, he can't powerlink... But this version sports a very cool earth style jet mode, a funky new accent, fun transformation and "cyber key power!" This all new character page is uploaded and ready for viewing in the 2005 section. Thanks to Byrerprime for his help compiling character text.

Speaking of the 2005 Section, you'll find several new updates there with more box pix thumbnails (mini-con versus packs, Brimstone and crosswise, new alternators packaging...) all now linked to our sightings/review datebase. Thanks to Nevermore for info updates and for some of the pictures.

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