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Nevermore at 2006-01-23 12:22 pm
Well, it would appear that Cartoon Network are back to their old schemes again.

Contrary to what was reported before, today did not see the debut of the first new Cybertron episode, "Critical", on Cartoon Network, but rather the first Cybertron episode total, "Fallen".

A point could be made that this episode as well as the following one, "Hidden", have so far never aired on Cartoon Network USA, but only on Kids WB!, therefore they're technically "Cartoon Network premieres". Either way, here's hoping that CN won't air the entire first "season" of Cybertron again before they finally decide to air the new episodes.

In other news, "Critical" did air on YTV last Friday, which makes Canada already the second country after New Zealand to have aired the English dub of that episode.

Speaking of, New Zealand have so far gotten a total of 10 (!) new episodes that haven't aired in the US yet. Following "Critical", those were "Assault", "Starscream", "United", "Cybertron" (no joke!), "Balance", "Darkness", "Memory", "Escape" and "Family".

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