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Nevermore at 2006-03-10 6:26 am
New listings have popped up on the public Wal*Mart website. Most toys have already been confirmed one way or another. The most interesting entries are:
TFs Voyager Armor Scattershot - either a repackaged Cyb Defense Scattorshot or a repaint.
TFs Voyager R03 Cybertron Me - might be the third Mega-sized redeco after Dark Crumplezone, Nemesis Breaker. The currently prevalent theory is that this is a redeco of Mudflap.
TFs Leader Optimus Prime 2 - The prevalent theory is that this is a repaint of Cybertron Optimus Prime in the colors of the LOC OP repaint we've seen.
TFs Alternators HONDA C (Honda Civic) - Hasbro UK already confirmed him at the British Toy Fair a few weeks back. Supposedly, this is going to be an Alternators version of Rumble.
TFs Alternators FORD MU - this is either a repackaged Grimlock or Wheeljack or a repaint/remold.

Remember that new Cybertron episodes will start airing on Cartoon Network tomorrow, in a new 7 PM time slot. For those who don't want to wait, the first new episode, "Critical", can already be watched here at the Hasbro Action website!

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