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Nevermore at 2006-03-18 1:00 pm
Normally this wouldn't get posted here, but this case appears to be perfectly legit: A few other sites have discovered that the official website of the Japanese patent office, a website open to the public, offers a great deal of photos of grey resin prototypes for Transformers toys dating back at least to the days of the Beast Wars Transmetal II toys. Among these design patents are Alternators Side Swipe (still with a molded Autobot symbol!),toys from the recent Cybertron line (including the upcoming Deluxe-sized Unicron tank), the legendary unreleased Beast Wars Neo Unicron toy and even a very special surprise, which started all the buzz: The first ever look at Astrotrain from the upcoming "Classics" filler line! Have a look at the following toys:

Beast Wars Neo Unicron
Cybertron Scout Class Shortround
Beast Wars 10th Anniversary Optimus Primal
Cybertron Voyager Class Quickmix
Cybertron Deluxe Class Unicron

And if you want to see more prototypes of older toys, you might find this nifty guide very helpful. According to the fandom's resident IP law experts, those are all open publications and therefore should be perfectly fine to be viewed by the public. It just never occurred to anyone to look them up before!

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