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Perceptor at 2006-07-25 3:38 pm
If you're like me and missed it the last 3 times its aired, thought you might want a reminder to set your VCR/TiVo!  Cybertron episode 1 from season 2 (#27 overall, "Critical") airs tomorrow morning.  And yes, sadly they're starting over AGAIN! :( with episode #1 after they get to #32 "Balance"...

Also, I have a question.  Does anyone out there know WHY Cartoon Network is not airing the remaining episodes from TF: Cybertron, past episode 32?  Yes, I know they're online.  But why aren't they putting those sweet shows on television for those w/o high speed internet?  Shoot me an e-mail if you have some insight. Thanks.

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