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Nevermore at 2006-10-25 4:40 pm
It's been a while, but... new toys are out at US retail! And two lines are apparently being brought to an end by this.

Universe has always been near dead for over a year, but after the last wave of the Ultra assortment (Bonecrusher/Scavenger, Long Haul/Hightower and Overbite/Repugnus) had been released as Target exclusives this March and another wave of discount chains exclusive Spychangers had come out in August, followed by the KB Toys exclusive Micromaster Aerialbots in September, the (presumably) last wave of toys in Universe packaging has now been confirmed being available from Dollar General stores.

There's nothing much "new" here, though, seeing as these toys are merely repackaged Energon Basics available for five bucks each. So in case you haven't found these toys yet, here's another chance to get them. TFW2005 member Leemon confirmed having found Treadshot, Terradive and Wideload, and Seibertron member Maju Garzett confirms that the remaining new toys of thise wave are Signal Flare, Cruellock and the Energon Saber Mini-Con Team.

Note that there was a previous wave of Energon Basics repackaged on Universe cards available from Family Dollar, Dollar General and Ocean State Job Lot stores since last August, consisting of Arcee, Windrazor, Doom-Lock, Insecticon, "Strong Arm" (in the colors of the "Energon Strongarm" repaint) and the Perceptor Mini-Con Team, as well as a wave of Energon Deluxes on Universe cards available from Big Lots and Tuesday Morning stores since last October, consisting of Steamhammer, Barricade, Storm Jet and Sharkticon. So yes, unless there's going to be another wave of Basics, you'd be missing Sky Shadow for the Air Team and all Construction and Destruction Team limbs except for Wideload if you were going to assemble the combiners from the discount chain store exclusive repackages alone.

In other news, there have been multiple sightings for the final wave of the Cybertron Scout Class toys, featuring Hightail (Lugnutz repaint) and the Shadow Recon Mini-Con Team, at Wal*Mart stores. TFW2005 member jedi prime1 provides the visual evidence. As always, remember to report your own sightings of Hightail here, and sightings of the Shadow Recon Mini-Con Team here.

This should bring closure to the Cybertron toyline, unless you're still waiting for a the upcoming Wal*Mart exclusive Cybertron Primus with bonus Mini-Cons, the latter of which will also be available as part of various Mini-Con three-packs from the Classics line.

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