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Transformers Comic Titles for March 2007

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Jason at 2006-12-06 1:56 pm
Check out the March 2007 Transformers titles from IDW at Comic News International. The TF (live action) Movie Prequel #2 Simon Furman & Chris Ryall, Don Figueroa, TF Spotlight: Soundwave Simon Furman Marcelo Matere, The Transformers: Escalation #5 Simon Furman, E.J. Su, Transformers: Beast Wars Manga TPB, The Transformers: Beast Wars#1 Variant Cover Slipcase, The Transformers: Generations #12, and yes it's true The Transformers: War Within, Vol. 1 TPB
Lots of great stuff coming your way from IDW in March.
While you're checking out great comic news hop over to IDWs site and download the new wallpaper from Escalation found here.

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Perceptor said,  - 2006-12-06 17:34:31
It's hilarous to see that very well drawn Nick Roche cover for a re-done "Car Wash of Doom" comic. It almost makes one of the lamest comics in the history of Transformers look cool!
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