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TPBs from TPR Galore!

Posted by:
TriPredRavage at 2006-12-13 7:21 pm

Hey everybody.  I've got a lot of Tradepaperbacks and not a lot of time!  Here we go: has a bunch of new preorders up and ready for... preorder... anyway!  To start things off, the re-release of Transformers: War Within 1 & 2.  Next, Transformers: Stormbringer the Manga!  I don't really know what this is, but it's called Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday.  The Transformers: Spotlight!  Part 2 of the IDW G1 Series is up too: Transformers: Escalation.  Another interesting item, Transformers: The Ark - A Complete Compendium Of Transformers Animation Models (now that's a run-on title).  An item I've really been looking forward to: Transformers: Evolutions; Hearts of Steel TPB.  A new Ultimate Guide Book.  MOVIE STUFF!!!  Transformers: The Movie Guide, Transformers: The Movie Prequel (that'll be cool), and lastly, Transformers: The Movie (the live action movie, comic adaptation).

Okay!  I'm done!  I've got to go study!  Happy Viewing!

Perceptor said,  - 2006-12-14 00:55:30
Has anyone out there bought/read the "Ultimate Guide Book"? What do you think of if? Is it something worthwhile, that might provide us additional information for character pages for example?
Bea Arthur! said,  - 2006-12-14 06:34:29
I haven't read the "Ultimate Guide Book," but thanks for the great update TripedRavage, you sure do rock!
Mirage2006 said,  - 2006-12-14 08:42:02
Cool! I look forward to reading those.
Knightwing said,  - 2006-12-14 18:48:36
Yeah, I have it. It's good, but not great. It might help with primary characters a little. The biggest problem with the book is it trys to put too much info on too few pages for die-hards. For more avrage colletors or new to the club types it's fantastic. If you want I can loan it to you P. Shoot me an email I should be able to meet you easy enough.
Tramp said,  - 2006-12-15 03:46:18
Given that IDW is reprinting the TPBs of [i]War Within 1 & 2[/i], as well as a volume 3 of the DW G1 series, does this mean that the bankrupcy litigation is over? Can we finally expect IDW to finish up where DW left off? I hope so.
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