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Allspark hosts High Rez BW Cast Images

Posted by:
Anonymous at 2007-03-18 8:32 pm
Head on over to the and check out two very cool images that fans of Beast Wars will love!

"...the Beast Wars cast renders from the Genesis art book are now available in the Allspark image gallery. Originally commissioned by the Hartmans for a Botcon dinner way back when, these images are perfect for your desktop!..."

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Michael010188 said,  - 2007-03-18 20:53:11
The pictures are great. Too bad there weren't more characters.
Knight wing said,  - 2007-03-19 05:33:01
Those are nice! They make me wish I had more wall space in my Transformer room. I'd try to get them made into posters and frame them. But, no almost all the wall space is covered in shelving. So, I guess I'll have to stick with toys and not art.
sean said,  - 2007-03-19 07:27:18
makes you see how diffrent g1 and beast wars are. g1 had tons of transformers but very few of them got a bunch of air time. beast wars gave everyone appropriate attention
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