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More TF Movie stills...

Posted by:
Aaron Thomas at 2007-05-10 10:34 am
Check this out, JoBlo's movie club message board has new images from the Transformers movie.  Many have been seen before, but there's at least 1 new one of Mikela and, we get to see models of JAZZ (Finally!), Megatron, Blackout and more...

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Side Swipe said,  - 2007-05-10 17:30:15
Long time no post, man.
Anyway, that isn't new Jazz. Haven't you seen the original art? Still cool, nonetheless.
xShanex said,  - 2007-05-16 21:16:11
i dont like the new transformer look really. No i'am not a hater i just think that they sacrificed good old quality tranformers just to keep modern. sad
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