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Perceptor at 2005-01-21 8:01 am
Personal note: For those whose curiosity was piqued by our plea; YES, we did finally get in contact w/ Aaron. He reports, "My family and home was luckily spared from the wave. However all the land within 100 meters of my parents home was either damaged or completely destroyed. There was a local fishing village that was totally wiped out, including children sleeping in their huts. It truely is a sad thing that happened, but my friends and family were largely unharmed. My parents have donated to the relief fund and aided as much as they can but some people will never get back what they lost, for them it is truely sad..."

(first posted on 1/5/05) Sorry everyone, we do not intend to use this area of the site as a message board! But it's kind of an emergency! We're trying to reach Aaron Thomas, our friend and confidant in India, who was instrumental in the design of our first accessory pack! In the wake of the tsunami, we cannot reach you and hope you are out of harm's way. Your e-mails bounce back, please send us a message when you can and let us know you're okay!

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