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Byrerprime at 2005-03-14 4:45 pm   (site update)
Enough's enough! We're having full blown withdrawl symptoms. C'mon Hasbro, make a move! Award that TF comics license and lets move on to see what Mr. Furman et. al. have/had in store for TF: Energon, maybe even Beast Wars & G1 series too... ugh!
In the meantime, we offer two other comics related items. In the 1990 Transformers Section you'll find all new plot summaries and picture links to the final 14 issues of the G1 comics series by Marvel. This too came to an abrupt end but unlike the Marvel G1 series we at least knew it was coming...
Also thanks to allspark for the heads up to a revealing interview with Don Figueroa who speaks on the his time with Dreamwave, Devil's Due and Transformers Comics, posted on Great stuff, thanks guys!

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