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Posted by:
Perceptor at 2005-05-07 4:38 pm
Hey everyone, I'm sorry for the long news/update hiatus... I've been out of commission dealing w/ some rather difficult real-life stuff... One thing I wanted to get you caught up on and posted was a very intersting string of Q&A dialog from Don Murphy producer for the live action Transformers Movie. Okay, here are some interesting excerpts.

Fan: How has this movie been different for you pesonally compared to the others you have worked on?
DM: More pressure, More People involved (2 studios), Moving faster than anything ever has before

Fan: Any idea where the movie takes place? LA? NY?...
DM: Southwest USA

Fan: Is the Matrix still a strong part of the story line? DM: HO YES

Fan: Does any TF die?...
DM: I am sure a TF will die- unsure who

Fan: Can you name ALL the transformers in the movie...
DM: In John's script there were only 4 on each side...(massive intake of breath as everyone goes what the f***?) Now the plans are 5 main ones. Megs...Optimus... of course Soundwave (no longer a blender) Bumblebee (thanks to Herbie not likely a Bug) Jazz.... Starscream.... RC.....more to come...."

Fan: In the current draft of the script, is there any significant size shifting - ie: a robot shrinking down to less than a quarter of its robot form's size when in alternative form?...
DM: "In the meeting on Thursday Hasbro all but DEMANDED that Soundwave mass shift.... the writers seemed okay with it..."

Fan: Will the Transformers war on Earth be a hidden war with very few humans knowing about it? I.E. just the witwicky's, Earth military, president etc knowing about it and remaining unseen from the rest of the world. Or will the whole world know of it by the end?
DM: It is currently a hidden war.

Fan: I think RC means ratchet, or hope it does anyway.
DM: Interestingly Ratchet is currently there too.... The writers want to make him an ambulance... Dreamworks doesn't.... And Hasbro actually doesn't mind if he is an ambulance or a firetruck....

Fan: I still think mass shifting is crappy, but so many people are gonna be pleased by that news.
DM: I do too... Hasbro seemed anxious to get Soundwave into musical form to unleash Ravage even if it made no sense. It may only be for like 5 secs the way it sounded.

Fan: Skywarp, will he be in the film
DM: He is not currently one of the ten

Fan: Arcee, female Autobot. She was a motorcycle... Which gave rise to lots of jokes about her being the Autobot's main ride, but what can you do?
DM: Well Spike's new GF needs to have someone....
DM: Official website ASAP- literally as soon as we can.... Final ten TFs chosen- 3 weeks
Colors/Models of those ten finalized JULY 1
Prep begin Sept 1
Shoot begin Dec 1
all Tentative
No Quintessions in Movie One.

Fan: Are you able to comment on how many "supporting" Transformers might appear in the film? (ie., TF characters that are not part of the main ten, but will make some type of appearance for whatever reason.)
DM: Currently, ZERO
DM: ...No Hotshot is not in the film

Fan: How does Hasbro and Dreamworks feel about having Peter and Frank on board as Optimus Prime and Megatron?
DM: Honestly guys, Dreamworks doesn't care. Hasbro doesn't care Desanto thinks it needs to be movie stars. The writers think it needs to be movie stars. I need to get with Bay alone and hypnotize him.

Fan: Don who is your favorite Transformer?
DM: Grimbot

Fan: I know i have asked this b4. With Megs being a tank will you guy's try and make his bot mode look like the G1 incarnation we all remember or something different? Oh, and Angelophile do not jump on me for asking this
DM: The weridest thing about the meeting is that ONLY because of this board was anyone trying to protect G1 or the looks of Megs and Optimus. Hasbro doesn't mind what it is as long as they know as soon as possible. Dreamworks is intent on RE-inventing the property. You guys are being heard, but it is tougher now that it was PRE Bay, and it is not Bay it is lots of people trying to get this done. There were 29 people in the room.

Fan: cullen and welker YOUR first choice?
DM: YES is the answer

Fan: Has Dreamworks or Hasbro told you to tone down the violence in this film or have they trusted the teams judgement so far in how the action of the film should be?
DM: Film will be PG or PG-13, beyond that- NO

DM: Copter

Fan: What point of view will the movie be shown through. Will it be like Iron Giant with the Human being the lead character or will it be the other way around?
DM: A TEAM of humans, ala Independence day

Fan: Has Speilberg been particularly hands on on this project or has he just been "big studio exec" man?
DM: Ridiculously hands on. He hired Rogers. He hired Kurtzman/Orci. He grabbed Bay. Like- wtf am I doing in endless meetings with this guy?

Fan: (regarding Soundwave's alt mode) I think a blue helicopter would look really nice.
DM: Actually the pre-vis was BLUE!

Fan: (again regarding Soundwave) A mass shifting copter ejecting cassettes?Uhuh.
DM: NO, They wanted him to LATER turn into something musical and spit CDS

Fan: Don...are their any ideas who to get for the Special Effects. Any name drops?
DM: Bay will likely hire ILM; like 90%

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