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Anonymous at 2005-07-28 9:00 pm
Wow, there are just SO many wonderful things going on in the world of Transformers, I just don't know where to begin...

First the easy one, Although we've received little direct confirmation, it appears a few wave 2 Cybertron toys may be trickling in at a Target stores. Happy hunting all, and thanks for continuing to share your honest findings with us...

We received our copy of "Master Collector" today. All I can say is wow, if you're not a member it sure makes sense to be because you're going to want your own copy of this issue! In addition to "Brian's Bytes and Bolts", Toy reviews by Karl and Jon Hartman, and Interview w/ IDW Editor Dan Taylor by J.E. Alvarez, new character Bio for Club exclusive "Skyfall", fan art, and a continuation of the comic, it also includes (be still my heart!)... Yes, it is now officially official and public info, the supreme figure for 2006 will be, (oh, this is just cool beyond words!) Transformers good-guy, super god, the Nemesis of Unicron... PRIMUS! AND yes they give a sneak peak, which is quite amazing. I cannot believe they're releasing pix...

A description of the toy, written by J.E. Alvarez is as follows, "The source from which the planet Cybertron was created, Primus is the original ancestor to all Cybertronian Transformers. Buried deep within the planet Cybertron lies Primus's dormant core consciousness waiting for the day when four Cyber Planet Keys can unlock the ultimate key to his transformation. That day now approaches! Coming next year to Transformers Cybertron for a suggested retail rate of $49.99 is Cybertron itself, Primus! Featuring missile firing action, a level four transformation difficulty, as well as some famous city sceneries from the comics and television series, Primus will be ready to battle Unicron in the fall of 2006!"

"Battle Unicron", you say?!?! Wow. It appears that the very nice start that TF: Cybertron is off to is but a foretaste of some absolute story greatness that is to come... Stay tuned.

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