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Perceptor at 2005-08-13 5:59 am   (site update)
Okay, this time we really will take a step back in time! All the way to 1988. It was the beginning of the end for G1 toys, the first year ever where there were zero cartoons to compliment the toys. What a shame because there were some really unique and awesome toys unveiled that year including the first new molded Optimus Prime (Powermaster) since the G1 original, A&D Powermasters, second wave Headmasters, Targetmasters and of course the first completely new concept PRETENDERS... We fans had to follow the adventures in the comic series by Marvel. Those comics were okay, but as you'll see, clearly not up to Dreamwave standards from an art standpoint and Simon Furman had not yet written his first US comic episode of TF's. Okay, enough history, the first character page of this year is ready for viewing! The Pretender LANDMINE.
Enjoy and don't forget! Another all new episode of TF:Cybertron airs tonight on CN!

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