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Posted by:
Perceptor at 2005-09-05 10:05 pm
Forgive our 1-track minds lately... Y'know I like to bounce all around the various genre's of TF's, but lately this new show/toy line has me so jacked up excited... and thought you'd want to know:

Several other TF fan sites reported last week that TF shows were being taken off the air, hopefully temporarily... We did not report this because the week before, I noticed a similar occourance. That is, Cartoon Network's online schedule showed a *different show* in the following week's Saturday Toonami 6pm eastern time slot. Then a day or two later Cybertron seems to have been added back in. The good news is, it seems to have happened again! At least for now, CN's online schedule lists the next two weeks w/ all-new Cybertron episodes 13 and 14: Hero and Race airing in their usual time slots! Alright!

Also, did you know that can now check out one of the previously unaired TF: Cybertron episodes (episode #2 by my calculations) "HAVEN" on the official Transformers site. Enjoy!

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