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Anonymous at 2005-09-23 12:20 pm
BOTCON 2005 REPORT; check out the following links w/ news and pix:

* allspark picture gallery of Botcon 2005.
* transtopia, kitbash gurus, photogallery of the art contest and alterations, dealer room, voice panel and hasbro showcase...
* review of the Botcon exclusive comic, "Decent into Evil" written by Ben Yee, pencils: Dan Khanna, Makoto Ono... Very cool!
* Botcon 2005 photo gallery, Hasbro Panel and J.E. Alvarez rare figure panel.
* Botcon 2005 coverage. including: live images from, Dealer Room photos from Botcon, additional exclusives.... and interviews Chris Ryall of IDW Publishing.

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