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Perceptor at 2005-11-04 6:41 am   (site update)
Lets take a close look at "Jetfire" characters. Starting with the newly, totally revamped G1 original Jetfire from 1985. This was the first Autobot jet toy ever made. I'll always remember the first time I saw him in the store. My eyes just about poped out of my head! Back then there was no internet and no way of knowing what TF toys were coming, sometimes until the moment they were on the store shelves. That was the case for him. We had no idea there would ever be an Autobot jet; much less one as big and cool as this awesome toy! His origin has been retold more than just about any other character I can think of. The info we provide won't set the record straight but hopefully does clarify and identify all the differences.

We'd also like to wish a warm welcome to the newly added "Friends of Unicron(.com)" Aaron Thomas has helped us repeatedly with our accessory pack projects and hopefully will bring us all sorts of news from India! Nevermore has provided us and many sites w/ the latest and greatest TF news. Laine will be helping keeping us up to date from the 'Land down under.' Thanks and everyone have a great weekend.

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