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Laine Severyn at 2005-11-18 10:24 pm
Do you like Happy Meal Transformers?
Back in the days of Energon a set of four Happy Meal toys with Infra-red light-up gimmicks were sold in the UK and the Netherlands.
Those toys never made it to the States, but here in Australia the first of these strange fast food premiums, Energon Megatron has just arrived.

Megatron comes packed with a non-transforming jet Minicon/IR transmitter and a large green Energon Cube/IR reciever that docks inside Megatron's torso and lights up Megatron's chest with the push of a button.
Megatron, along with Optimus Prime, Ironhide and Unicron are availiable free with a Happy Mean purchase or, if you're like me and wouldn't eat McDonalds on a bet, can be bought without the food for $2.

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