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Nevermore at 2005-11-19 10:41 am
New Cybertron toys coming your way soon!

Bill of Bill's Toys and Games received some new in-packaging images of upcoming toys from Hasbro. Those include wave 3 of the smaller-budget "Legends of Cybertron" toys, consisting of Galvatron (LoC Megatron repaint), Vector Prime, Soundwave and Red Alert (in his "Cybertron Defense" incarnation), as well as wave 5 of the Cybertron Deluxe Class toys, consisting of Downshift (a non-show character as a 1970s-style muscle car) and Cybertron Defense Hot Shot, who is, just like CD Red Alert, an all-new mold. See the images here.

Additionally, received in and out of the packaging images of Downshift and Cybertron Defense Hot Shot, which can be found at 16bit's main page.

It should be noted that unlike early sample versions of Downshift, which came with a Jungle Planet Key, the final toy comes with the proper Earth Planet Key just as the packaging states.

Legends of Cybertron wave 3 is slated for a March 2006 release, whereas Deluxe Class wave 5 is due out in February of next year.

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