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Nevermore at 2005-11-20 9:24 am
Holiday season is coming closer, and Hasbro are releasing more new Cybertron toys. Spotted for the first time in the USA today was the first wave of the Cybertron Mini-Con two-packs, consisting of "Shockwave vs. Tankor", "Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer" and "Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast". Each two-pack features a repainted member of the Armada Air and Land Military Teams, respectively.

Note that the repaint of Armada Terradive is named "Shockwave". After Lanard had choke-held the trademark for several years and thus left Hasbro no other choice but to release the Energon and Alternators toys with the substitute name "Shockblast", Hasbro have finally managed to regain the trademark and now slapped it on the next best toy just in order to guarantee that there will be a "Shockwave" toy in the upcoming movie line. Also note that "Sky Lynx", another name not seen in a while, is making its return as well. Don't ask me why there are two different toys named "Thunderblast" in the Cybertron line, though (the other one is a Deluxe toy, the upcoming Hasbro counterpart of Galaxy Force Chromia).

You can see a receipt photo of the three Mini-Con two-packs here at TFW2005, and don't forget to post your own sightings for Shockwave vs. Tankor, Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer and Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast!

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