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Jason at 2005-11-22 8:29 am
An addition to the last posting about THS (hybrid style) G1 Optimus Prime, I found a few more design sketches of him in robot mode and open trailer along with some pics of the upcoming purple Galvatron here at TF Club.
-And here we've got some new packaging of Alternators including Sunstreaker! and box pics of upcoming Cybertron Toys.

-Intersting info on the upcoming Walmart Exclusive Cybertron deluxe toy repackaged with a minicon tiny tin. In box pics of these 2 packs can be found here at TF Club, and the bios are a particularly interensting read at where you'll have to scroll 5 or so news postings down. Will they be remolded with minicon pegs? We'll have to wait and see.

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