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Laine Severyn at 2005-12-01 8:43 pm
Autobots, transform and drive thru!
McDonalds Australia rolls out the third Energon toy in their Transformers Happy Meal promotion. This week the forces of evil are met by the mighty Optimus Prime!
Optimus comes with a red MiniCon jet/IR transmitter (the same as Megatron’s) and a red Energon cube/IR receiver. When you press the button on the MiniCon Optimus’ cube will emit one of two noises - A long mechanical whirr followed by the crash of metal parts locking together or a rumbling jackhammer-like sound that could be either Optimus puttering along in truck mode or a machine gun sound. The only limit is your imagination!
Optimus is available free with a Happy Meal purchase or, if you prefer the taste of raw Energon to grease, you can pick up the toy alone for just $2.

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