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Nevermore at 2005-12-06 12:26 pm
Several new toys are available this week.

First of all, Cybertron Deluxe Class wave 4, with the new toys Crosswise (erroneously called "Smokescreen" in the Cybertron episodes that aired on Kids WB so far), Thunderblast and Brimstone, have been spotted in US retail. You can see a receipt photo here.

For those wondering, the Armada retools (Blurr, Longrack, Buzzsaw and Runabout) were officially wave 3.5 according to Hasbro.

And after the long-delayed Commemorative Series VIII Side Swipe reissue has been spotted in KB toys stores and outlets last month, the last Hasbro reissue for the time being, Commemorative Series IX Astrotrain, is finally in stock at the Hasbro Toy Shop website which he's exclusive to. Get him here while quantities last.

For those wondering, this version of Astrotrain does not come in the same colors as the original 1985 Hasbro release, but rather in the colors Takara originally released him with in Japan in 1985 (and thus, also in the same colors as the 2003 Takara reissue).

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