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Perceptor at 2005-12-11 11:59 pm
Thanks to all for the e-mails pointing out a few of my oversights in "Other Appearances" text, now RANSACK and DIRTBOSS pages have been updated. (Wow, it appears I actually didn't forget any of CRUMPLEZONE's!

Also, it appears you can stop anxiously checking your mailboxes. The undelivered 2000 (what year was it?!) Botcon collector plate will not be arriving anytime soon. We received a letter from U.S. Bankruptcy Court, stating that ... 3H Productions has recieved a Discharge of Debtor. "It appearing that the debtor is entitled to a discharge, IT IS ORDERED: The debtor is granted a discharge under section 727 of title 11 United States Code (the Bankruptcy Code). Dated December 2, 2005"...
I intrepret this to be good news for Mr. Hallit. Say what you will about the organization that formerly ran Botcon conventions. Although certainly not without issues, they provided many fans (including us) many happy memories and for that we say thank you and wish him well in all his future endeavors.

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