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Nevermore at 2005-12-13 3:57 pm
Speaking of Mini-Cons... Online store Entertainment Earth comes through with all the details on wave 3 of the Cybertron Mini-Con versus packs:

The three new packs are going to be Ramjet vs. Scythe, Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze and Sunstorm vs. Checkpoint (Entertainment Earth is listing the names in reversed order, but according to a packaged sample of Ramjet vs. Scythe that has surfaced recently, the Decepticon Mini-Cons will keep preceeding their Autobot adversaries in the sets' names).

Ramjet, Thrust and Sunstorm are recolors of the Energon Saber Mini-Cons (which in turn were retooled from the Armada Star Saber/Dark Saber Air Defense/Assault Team), whereas Scythe, Anti-Blaze and Checkpoint are redecos of the Armada Emergency Mini-Con Team. Unfortunately, Scythe (Makeshift redeco) and Anti-Blaze (Firebot redeco) are missing the retooled handles from the recent Japanese "Hellflame Micron" redecos of the Emergency Team. As a result, bot of them still depend on toys with Mini-Con ports in order for them to be used as weapons, since only Prowl (who got recolored into Checkpoint) already sported a handle in his Armada incarnation.

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