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Nevermore at 2005-12-15 5:06 pm
Hasbro really seems to love New Zealand. First they got the first wave of Cybertron toys before anyone else, and now they're the first ones to see the new episodes of the Cybertron cartoon that haven't even aired in the US so far.

If you want to be spoiled (or have watched the Japanese "Galaxy Force" version of the show already), click here to read some first-hand comments on the first two new episodes, "Critical" and "Assault", which aired on New Zealand's TV2 on Tuesday and Thursday, respectively.

This is not the first time something like this happened, since one of the first Cybertron episodes, "Haven", originally aired in Canada first whereas Cartoon Network had initially started with the following episode, "Hidden", in the USA.

Either way, this means the new episodes are already dubbed and should probably air in the US soon as well, probably after the show switched back to Cartoon Network in January. One problem remains, though: Crosswise is apparently still called "Smokescreen" in the new episodes.

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