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Nevermore at 2005-12-18 3:13 am
As Allsparker xZAOx confirms, both the first wave of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary line and the first wave of the new Alternators assortment have been released in the USA.

Wave 1 of the BW 10th Anniversary line consists of show-accurate recolors of Waspinator, Cheetor and Rhinox. Of particular note are Waspinators bio, written from first person perspective and reflecting his monologue from the show's two-part finale "Nemesis", and Rhinox's weapon being identified as a "Chain-gun of Doom" by the packaging. Wave 2 will include recolors of Dinobot, Tarantulas and Transmetal Rattrap, and all six toys come with parts for assembling Transmutate! Also note that contrary to an old, long since debunked rumor, these are not exclusive to Target, which should be obvious considering they were first spotted at Wal*Mart.

The new Alternators wave includes a repackaged Prowl, the long-awaited Sunstreaker redeco of Dead End and also a new mold, Skids as a Scion xB (named "Autobot Skids" for trademark reasons). Like Prowl, Sunstreaker and Skids also sport noticeable deco differences from their Japanese Binaltech counterparts. Probably the biggest surprise of this wave, however, is the return of "Autobot" Tracks, who had only been released in small quantities last year. Unfortunately, this release of Tracks is identical to the original one aside from the packaging, which means you'd either have to buy the Japanese version or the elusive Hasbro-only red redeco of Tracks named Swerve if you intend to get the flame deco sticker for the hood.

Stay tuned for more Alternators hotness coming soon, with redecos of Swindle and Silverstreak named Rollbar and Ricochet, respectively. And then there's Optimus Prime as a Dodge Ram SRT-10 pickup truck and Mirage as a Ford GT.

UPDATE: Cybertron Swerve and Swindle (redecos of Clocker and Hardtop, respectively) are now out as well. See here for a receipt pic.

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