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Nevermore at 2005-12-20 12:08 pm
Still looking for another new Transformers toy before X-Mas? Cybertron Galvatron is officially out in US retail stores now. Gen. Magnus of the TFW2005 boards brings the visual confirmation. As with previous Transformers lines, this Galvatron is once again a straight recolor of the Megatron toy from the same line - this time, however, he comes in G1 Megatron colors!

Additionally, Bill of Bill's Toys And Games brings the first images of wave 2 of the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary toys in their packaging, namely Dinobot, Transmetal Rattrap (Hasbro apparently have "lost" the mold for the original, non-Transmetal Rattrap toy) and Tarantulas (named "Predacon Taratulus" now). See the images here.

In other news, it would appear that the fourth and (according to BotCon) final wave of the small "Legends of Cybertron" toys (the wave after Galvatron, Soundwave, Vector Prime and Red Alert) will include Thundercracker, Sunstorm (a yellow LoC Starscream recolor) and a red recolor of Hot Shot, the latter of which will also be released as a deluxe version in the near future according to information from Hasbro at BotCon. It's also possible that Sunstorm might actually be a Toy Fair exclusive instead, which would mean there's still room for two more recolor LoCs in wave 4 - Nemesis Breaker and Sky Shadow, maybe?

And lastly, wave 5 of the Cybertron Scout Class toys has been pretty much confirmed by now to include Scrapmetal and Lugnutz, the Hasbro versions of Galaxy Force "Ramble" and Road Storm, respectively.

UPDATE: TFormers have larger (and more!) pics of the BW 10th Anniversary wave 2 toys, which come with the remaining parts you need for assembling Transmutate! See those images here.

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