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Nevermore at 2005-12-21 2:17 pm
Another hot news day! First of all, the official Transformers Collectors' Club website has finally changed the sidebar on the left, which is depicting Cybertron characters now.

The second one from top is Clocker (already released), the third one is Cybertron Defense Scattorshot (coming soon), but the top and bottom ones are the real surprises: The character depicted at the bottom of the sidebar appears to be an "evil" recolor of the (non-upgraded) Cybertron Red Alert toy in a color scheme that resembles Energon Demolishor (the KB Toys exclusive redeco of the Armada toy), and the top one is a colored version of an unknown toy that has surfaced as an uncolored prototype not too long ago, in a color scheme that resembles G1 Piranacon. Neither toy has been confirmed by official sources yet, and thus, their names are still a mystery. And despite the quickly emerging rumors, it's highly unlikely that an all-new, yet-to-be released mold will come out as a Club exclusive.

In other news, Tekkaman has provided a scan from Previews magazine that gives us the first look at the upcoming Alternators Rollbar and Ricochet toys (straight recolors of Swindle and Silverstreak, respectively), along with new pictures of Optimus Prime as a Dodge Ram pickup truck. You can see the scan here or here.

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