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Perceptor at 2005-12-24 11:59 pm   (site update)
PEACE on Earth and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it. Well wishes to everyone for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season!

We are excited to be continuing to work with the ever thorough and knowledgable Nevermore. You'll find new links added in the 2005 section to pages on his site, Not to say that we won't get original gallaries uploaded also, but for now, these pages have everything we could hope to have in an Alternator "character page". With a more international flavor, each page is available in either German or English and contains info on the Japanese Takara "Binaltech" figure as well as the North American "Alternators" style. If you haven't seen these pages before, you're in for a treat. Okay, so without further adieu, check out links to 'Binalternator' character pages:

Windcharger, Battle Ravage, Shockblast, Wheeljack, Decepticharge, Swerve, Prowl, Autobot Skids, Sunstreaker, Autobot Tracks

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