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Nevermore at 2005-12-24 8:58 am
Speaking of new episodes: With the upcoming demise of Kids WB! at the end of this year, Cybertron will be moving back to Cartoon Network.
According to this listing, Cartoon Network will pick up with "Detour", the first episode that has so far only aired on the Kids WB! (which means it's technically a Cartoon Network premiere). The episode is scheduled to air on January 2, on a 6:00 AM timeslot (or 5:00 AM, depending on where you live), which doesn't bode well for the ratings.

According to this thread at the Allspark message board, in turn, the first "real" new episode will be "Critical", scheduled to air on January 23, to be followed by "Assault" on January 24, "Starscream" on January 25 and "United" on January 26. All these four episodes have already aired in New Zealand over the course of the past two weeks.

So stay tuned and find out what happens to Hot Shot, Scattorshot and Red Alert after Megatron gunned them down! Will they live? Will they die? And how do those "Cybertron Defense" versions of the toys that started to pop up in stores recently fit into the story?

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