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Takara - Generations 2012
(7 toys)
Takara - Generations 2013
(20 toys)
Takara - Generations 2014
(6 toys)
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Takara - Generations - 2012

Assortment #deluxe - deluxe

GG-04 Decepticon Vortex (Takara Generations) sgt rvw
TG-01 Optimus Prime inst pkg sgt rvw
TG-02 Autobot Jazz (Takara Generations) inst pkg sgt rvw
TG-03 Decepticon Blast Off (Takara Generations) sgt rvw
TG-05 Brawl sgt rvw
TG-06 Swindle (Takara Generations) sgt rvw
TG-07 Onslaught (Takara Generations) sgt rvw
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Takara - Generations - 2013

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Assortment #deluxe - deluxe

Metroplex sgt rvw
TG-08 Kickback sgt rvw
TG-09 Starscream sgt rvw
TG-10 Sideswipe sgt rvw
TG-11 Ultra Magnus sgt rvw
TG-12 Air Raid sgt rvw
TG-13 Soundwave with Laserbeak sgt rvw
TG-14 Soundblaster with Buzzsaw sgt rvw
TG-15 Autobot Data Discs (Eject, Ramhorn, Rewind, Sundor) sgt rvw
TG-16 Decepticon Datadisc Set (Frenzy, Ratbat, Ravage, Rumble) sgt rvw
TG-17 Blaster with Steeljaw sgt rvw
TG-18 Skywarp sgt rvw
TG-19 Grimlock sgt rvw
TG-20 Ratbat inst pkg sgt rvw
TG-21 Springer sgt rvw
TG-22 Blitzwing sgt rvw
TG-24 Optimus Prime and Bumblebee w/ Blazemaster and Roller sgt rvw
TG-25 Orion Pax vs Megatronus sgt rvw
TG-26 Bumblebee Goldbug sgt rvw
TG-27 Trailbreaker and Hoist sgt rvw
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Takara - Generations - 2014

Assortment #deluxe - deluxe

TG-28 Megatron and Starscream, with Chop Shop and Waspinator
sgt rvw
TG-29 Sandstorm
sgt rvw
TG-30 Waspinator
sgt rvw
TG-31 Rhinox
sgt rvw
TG-32 Mini-con Combiner
sgt rvw
TG-33 Armada Starscream
sgt rvw

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