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Studio Series 2018
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Studio Series - 2018

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Assortment #Deluxe - Deluxe

Autobot Jazz
sgt rvw
Bumblebee - Studio Series '74 Camaro
sgt rvw
Crowbar (Studio Series)
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
Ratchet (Studio Series Deluxe)
sgt rvw
sgt rvw

Assortment #Voyager - Voyager

Brawl (Studio Series Voyager) sgt rvw
Megatron (MV2 RotF Studio Series) sgt rvw
Optimus Prime MV1 Voyager
sgt rvw
Starscream (RotF deco) sgt rvw
Starscream MV1
sgt rvw
sgt rvw

Assortment #Leader - Leader

sgt rvw
sgt rvw

Assortment #MPM - Masterpiece Movie

MPM-5 Barricade Movie Masterpiece
sgt rvw
MPM-6 Ironhide Movie Masterpiece
sgt rvw

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