Transformers Toy List - 2005

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Transformers Toy List - 2005... 

Takara - Galaxy Force 2005
(62 toys)
Cybertron 2005
(58 toys)
Universe 2005
(25 toys)
Energon 2005
(25 toys)
Takara - Binaltech 2005
(16 toys)
Takara - Beast Wars Returns 2005
(13 toys)
Takara - Micron Legend 2005
(12 toys)
Go-Bots 2005
(10 toys)
Takara - Robotmasters 2005
(9 toys)
Alternators 2005
(7 toys)
Takara - Collector's Edition (G1) 2005
(6 toys)
Timelines 2005
(6 toys)
Crossovers 2005
(4 toys)
Takara - Masterpiece 2005
(1 toys)
TF Vintage (Walmart exclusive) 2005
(1 toys)
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Go-Bots - 2005

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Assortment #02896 - Big Adventures Basic

Cop-Bot (motorcycle)
sgt rvw
Fast-Bot with Kid-Bot and Gas-Bot
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
Mototron with Kid-Bot and Gas-Bot
sgt rvw
Racer-Bot ALPHA (Invisibility Force)
sgt rvw
Reptron (Invisibility Force -clearblue, black)
sgt rvw
Speed-Bot (Invisibility Force)
sgt rvw
Speed-Bot (muscle car)
sgt rvw
Strong-Bot (Invisibility Force ATV)
sgt rvw
Strong-Bot (pick-up truck)
sgt rvw
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TF Vintage (Walmart exclusive) - 2005

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Assortment - Misc.

80710 sgt
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Universe - 2005

[ list all Universe ]

Assortment #29460 - MicroMaster - KB Toys

Midnight Express (KB exclusive Railbot)
29488 sgt rvw
Overload (KB exclusive Railbot)
29486 sgt rvw
Railspike (KB exclusive Railbot)
29485 sgt rvw
Rapid Run (KB exclusive Railbot)
29490 sgt rvw
Swindle (KB exclusive Railbot)
29489 sgt rvw
Tankor (KB exclusive Railbot)
29487 sgt rvw

Assortment #Spy Changer - Spy Changer

Autobot Camshaft (Family Dollar excl.) sgt rvw
Autobot Jazz (Family Dollar Excl, Spy Changers)
sgt rvw
Hoist (clear green , Family Dollar Spy Changer)
sgt rvw
Mirage (Spy Changers - Family Dollar excl.) sgt rvw
Optimus Prime (Family Dollar Excl, Spy Changer)
sgt rvw
Prowl (Family Dollar Excl, Spy Changer)
sgt rvw
Silverstreak (Spy Changers 2005)
sgt rvw
Wheeljack (RID Spychanger)
sgt rvw

Assortment #Basic - Basic

sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
Perceptor (Grindor, High Wire, Sureshock)
sgt rvw
Strong Arm
sgt rvw

Assortment #27249 - Misc. Deluxe

sgt rvw
Snow Cat
sgt rvw

Assortment #80900 - Deluxe ('03-'07)

80972 inst pkg sgt rvw
80977 sgt rvw
80969 sgt rvw
Nightslash Cheetor
80974 sgt rvw
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Energon - 2005

[ list all Energon ]

Assortment #80250 - Scout

80276 inst pkg sgt rvw
80277 inst pkg sgt rvw
80274 inst pkg sgt rvw
80266 inst pkg sgt rvw
80273 inst pkg sgt rvw
Sky Shadow
80264 inst pkg sgt rvw
80265 inst pkg sgt rvw
80269 inst pkg sgt rvw
80268 inst pkg sgt rvw
80263 inst pkg sgt rvw
80275 inst pkg sgt rvw
80267 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80270 - Deluxe

80966 inst pkg sgt rvw
Energon Starscream
80967 inst pkg sgt rvw
80968 inst pkg sgt rvw
80965 inst pkg sgt rvw
Storm Jet
80964 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80450 - Mega

80261[b] inst pkg sgt rvw
80971 inst sgt rvw
Six Shot
80970 inst sgt rvw
Wing Saber
80630 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80290 - Command

80280 inst sgt rvw
80281 sgt rvw

Assortment #80300 - Leader

80308[b] inst sgt rvw

Assortment #80344 - Supreme

Omega Sentinel
80279 inst sgt rvw
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Alternators - 2005

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Assortment #81300 - Alternators Assortment 1

Battle Ravage
81316 inst sgt rvw
81323 inst sgt rvw
81318 inst sgt rvw
81322 sgt rvw
81325 sgt rvw
81317 inst sgt rvw
81315 inst sgt rvw
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Cybertron - 2005

[ list all Cybertron ]

Assortment #80984 - Legends

Evac (Legends)
80992 sgt
Hot Shot (Legends)
80987 inst pkg sgt
Jetfire (Legends)
80991 sgt
Leobreaker (Legends)
80994 sgt
Megatron (Legends)
80986 inst pkg sgt
Optimus Prime (Legends)
80985 sgt
Scourge (Legends)
80993 sgt
Starscream (Legends)
80988 sgt

Assortment #Micromaster - Micromaster

Air Raid (KB Exclusive Micromaster)
sgt rvw
Fireflight (KB Exclusive Micromaster)
sgt rvw
Ro-Tor (KB Exclusive Micromaster)
sgt rvw
Silverbolt (KB Exclusive Micromaster)
sgt rvw
Skydive (KB Exclusive Micromaster)
sgt rvw
Storm Jet (KB Exclusive Micromaster)
sgt rvw

Assortment #81139 - Mini-Con

Mini-Con Razorclaw vs. Steamhammer
81166 sgt rvw
Mini-Con Shockwave vs. Tankor
81163 inst pkg sgt rvw
Mini-Con Sky Lynx vs. Thunderblast
81165 pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80285 - Scout

80345 inst pkg sgt rvw
80346 inst pkg sgt rvw
80335 inst pkg sgt rvw
80348 inst pkg sgt rvw
80318[b] inst pkg sgt rvw
80319[b] inst pkg sgt rvw
Mini-Con Recon team - Jolt, Six-Speed, Reverb
80330 inst pkg sgt rvw
Mini-Con Street Speed Team (Backtrack, Oval, Spiral)
81128 pkg sgt rvw
80315 inst pkg sgt rvw
80316 inst pkg sgt rvw
80317 inst pkg sgt rvw
80347 inst pkg sgt rvw
80339 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80286 - Deluxe

81176 inst pkg sgt rvw
80899 sgt rvw
81174 inst pkg sgt rvw
81053 inst pkg sgt rvw
Dirt Boss
80440 inst pkg sgt rvw
Hot Shot
80401 inst pkg sgt rvw
80892 inst pkg sgt rvw
81177 sgt rvw
80894 inst pkg sgt rvw
Red Alert
80893 inst pkg sgt rvw
81178 inst pkg sgt rvw
80896 inst pkg sgt rvw
80895 inst pkg sgt rvw
80898 inst pkg sgt rvw
80844 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80287 - Mega

80912 inst pkg sgt rvw
80915 inst pkg sgt rvw
80916 inst pkg sgt rvw
80914 inst pkg sgt rvw
Vector Prime (with Safeguard)
80913 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80288 - Command

Dark Scorponok
80922 inst pkg sgt rvw
80920 inst pkg sgt rvw
80921 pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80289 - Leader

80925 inst pkg sgt rvw
Optimus Prime
80924 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment - Misc.

Starscream vs. Vector Prime (TRU exclusive)
27301 sgt
Ultra Magnus & Optimus Prime (Costco exclusive)
26583 sgt

Assortment #80310 - Supreme Assortment 1

Starscream (Supreme class)
80926 inst pkg sgt rvw
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Timelines - 2005

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Assortment - BotCon Exclusive

Botcon Boxed Set: Deathsaurus, Buzzclaw, Dirge, Fallback, Ironhide, Ricochet, Chromia
sgt rvw
Flamewar (Attendee-Only Bonus Toy)
sgt rvw
Flareup and Ratchet (Convention 2-pk)
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
Virulent Clones (2-pack)
sgt rvw

Assortment #TFCC - TFCC

Skyfall (limb of Nexus Prime)
sgt rvw
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Crossovers - 2005

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Assortment #Star Wars Deluxe - Star Wars Deluxe

Darth Vader / TIE Advanced
inst pkg sgt rvw
General Grievous / Wheel Bike
sgt rvw
Luke Skywalker / X-wing Fighter
inst pkg sgt rvw
Obi-Wan Kenobi / Jedi Starfighter
sgt rvw
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Takara - Micron Legend - 2005

[ list all Takara - Micron Legend ]

Assortment #Micron Booster - Micron Booster, (blind pack)

Micron Booster Ver 3: Bit
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Bug Drone
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Bug General
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Clamp
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Dice
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Guage
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Jack
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Plier
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Plug
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Socket
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Trigger
sgt rvw
Micron Booster Ver 3: Wrench
sgt rvw
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Takara - Collector's Edition (G1) - 2005

[ list all Takara - Collector's Edition (G1) ]

Assortment #e-Hobby5 - e-Hobby Supreme

Cobalt Sentries - Howlback and Garboil
sgt rvw
Galvatron II (e-Hobby)
sgt rvw
Magnificus with Ga'mede
pkg sgt rvw
Orion Pax and Dion
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
Victory Saber (e-Hobby black)
sgt rvw
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Takara - Robotmasters - 2005

[ list all Takara - Robotmasters ]

Assortment #Deluxe - Deluxe

Beast Convoy (Black)
sgt rvw
Beast Megatron (black)
sgt rvw
G1 Convoy (black)
sgt rvw
Lio Convoy (black)
sgt rvw
RM-21 Burning Beast Convoy with DVD
sgt rvw
RM-22 Lio Convoy
sgt rvw
RM-23 Lio Convoy with DVD
sgt rvw
RM-24 Reverse Convoy
sgt rvw
Skywarp and Thundercracker
sgt rvw
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Takara - Galaxy Force - 2005

[ list all Takara - Galaxy Force ]

Assortment #standard - standard

GC-01 Galaxy Convoy
sgt rvw
GC-02 Exillion
sgt rvw
GC-03 Vector Prime
sgt rvw
GC-04 Dreadrock
sgt rvw
GC-05 Jackshot
sgt rvw
GC-06 Backpack
sgt rvw
GC-07 Micron Team
sgt rvw
GC-08 Auto Micron
sgt rvw
GC-09 Guardshell
sgt rvw
GC-10 Nitro Convoy
sgt rvw
GC-11 First Aid
sgt rvw
GC-12 Skids
sgt rvw
GC-13 Autolander
sgt rvw
GC-14 Fang Wolf
sgt rvw
GC-15 Saidos
sgt rvw
GC-16 Ligerjack
sgt rvw
GC-17 Autovolt
sgt rvw
GC-18 Live Convoy
sgt rvw
GC-19 Exigeyser
sgt rvw
GC-20 Backguild
sgt rvw
GC-21 Fast Gunner
sgt rvw
GC-22 Sonic Bomber
sgt rvw
GC-23 Megalo Convoy
sgt rvw
GC-99 Sonic Bomber, Galaxy Convoy Giftset
sgt rvw
GC-99c Chromia - white excl
sgt rvw
GC-99dnc Dark Nitro Convoy
sgt rvw
GC-99fc Flame Convoy - Sky Lynx Edition
sgt rvw
GC-99twd Fang Wolf -black
sgt rvw
GC-99x Exillion -red exclusive
sgt rvw
GD-01 Master Megatron
sgt rvw
GD-02 Thundercracker
sgt rvw
GD-03 Starscream
sgt rvw
GD-04 Landbullet
sgt rvw
GD-05 Gasket
sgt rvw
GD-06 Inch Up
sgt rvw
GD-07 Flame Convoy
sgt rvw
GD-08 Dino Shout
sgt rvw
GD-09 Demolishor
sgt rvw
GD-10 Terashaver
sgt rvw
GD-11 Chromia
sgt rvw
GD-12 Roadstorm
sgt rvw
GD-13 Scrapmetal -blue
sgt rvw
GD-13 Scrapmetal -red
sgt rvw
GD-13 Scrapmetal -yellow
sgt rvw
GD-14 Galvatron
sgt rvw
GS-01 Buzz Saw vs Blurr
sgt rvw
GS-02 Runabout vs Longrack
sgt rvw
GX-01 Noisemaze
sgt rvw
GX-02 Soundwave
sgt rvw
GX-03 Soundblaster
sgt rvw
GX-08 Gasket - police cycle
sgt rvw
GX-99n Noisemaze - white excl
sgt rvw
GX99-EZ Optimus Prime, Megatron, Starscream, TV-magazine Exclusive
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Bulge
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Graviton
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Gridbit
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Hyakurai
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Ichibi
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Mugen
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Quasar
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Submap
sgt rvw
Minicon Excl - Zig Zag
sgt rvw
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Takara - Binaltech - 2005

[ list all Takara - Binaltech ]

Assortment #Standard - Standard

* Alert & Ai Kurumi (Asterisk)
sgt rvw
* Broadblast & Lumina Hoshii (Asterisk)
sgt rvw
* Sunstreaker & Junko ShiraKami (Asterisk)
sgt rvw
BT-11 Ravage
sgt rvw
BT-12 Overdrive
sgt rvw
BT-13 Laserwave
sgt rvw
BT-14 Wheeljack
sgt rvw
BT-15 Prowl
sgt rvw
BT-15 Prowl (Blue)
sgt rvw
BT-16 Skids
sgt rvw
BT-17 Black Convoy (e-Hobby)
sgt rvw
BT-18 Rijie (clear Mirage)
sgt rvw
BT-19 Bluestreak
sgt rvw
BT-20 Agent Meister
sgt rvw
BT-21 Arcee
sgt rvw
BT-22 Convoy
sgt rvw
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Takara - Beast Wars Returns - 2005

[ list all Takara - Beast Wars Returns ]

Assortment #Standard - Standard

BR-01 Convoy
sgt rvw
BR-02 Cheetus
sgt rvw
BR-03 Rattle
sgt rvw
BR-04 Blackwidow
sgt rvw
BR-05 Megatron
sgt rvw
BR-06 Tankor
sgt rvw
BR-07 Jetstorm
sgt rvw
BR-08 Thrust
sgt rvw
BR-09 Nightscream
sgt rvw
BR-10 Silverbolt
inst pkg sgt rvw
BR-12 Noble-Savage (Megatron)
sgt rvw
BR-13 Strika
sgt rvw
BR-14 Obsidian
sgt rvw
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Takara - Masterpiece - 2005

[ list all Takara - Masterpiece ]

Assortment #MP - MP

MP-2 Ultra Magnus (Takara Masterpiece)
sgt rvw

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