Some people call 'em "kitbashes" but we prefer Alterations cause it takes more than some paint & some bashin' to produce these show-like replicas!

This page is divided in two segments: the first includes some of the alts we've done.  Following these, you'll find YOUR Section, which is packed w/ pics you've sent us!  Enjoy!

quantum.jpg (51340 bytes)

megatron3.jpg (16573 bytes)

Armada Megatron

by: Jason

What's the biggest complaint everyone has about Armada Megatron? His totally unposable legs. Well, I fixed that... The joints that were used were the knee and swivle joint attached to the upper leg from Tigatron, the lower leg portion of the knee and the sockets for the hips are from DepthCharge, and the balls for the sockets are from Rampage.

cheetor.jpg (16573 bytes)


by: Jason

You know that gnarly grin they gave TM Cheetor?  Yea, we didn't like it either!  Along with that Jason fixed the coloring of the face and chest plate.

cyberaptor.jpg (11010 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

Starting with a Jurassic Park velociraptor toy, I added cyber components & sculpted them to look like it does in the show.  I used light gray and white spray paint & hand painted the cyber parts w/ light blue/chrome paint.

dinobot.jpg (9524 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

The biggest needed change was the robot head, which was completely resculpted (it's even got teeth!) Then I painted it to look like the show.  I added removable cyber-shoulder covers and colored various other parts. A tongue was added to the raptor head as a final touch!

t2dinobot.jpg (10815 bytes)

Transmetal 2

by: K. Lukis

I started by doing some minor face resculpting/painting.  The only major change was given to each hand, making the slasher claw/fore-finger a separage joint from the thumb (which can articulate).  Click the link to see How to alter your own TM2 Dinobot!

megatron1.jpg (10499 bytes)

original, BW
by: K. Lukis

Megatron needed a tail which is both removable and re-attachable.   Jason figured out how to do it and it's still very sturdy.  When the tail is removed I built a hand that could be placed in the forearm.  I also painted the chest and head to closely resemble the shows.

megatron2.jpg (9991 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

I resculpted face to give it sharp pointy things & re- molded the shark-tooth grin to make it look like it does in the show.  The brown plastic was easily turned black with a permanent marker. I highly recommend doing this folks, it's easy and it makes a huge difference.

tm2meg.jpg (10746 bytes)

Transmetal 2
by: K. Lukis

In addition to I resculpted the face, & giving the wings an all orange look like the show, I 'altered' the dragon neck so it stays in the position you put it in.  Click HERE to learn how I did what I did.

optimusprimal.jpg (11939 bytes)

Optimus Primal
by: K. Lukis
and Jason

This is one of the first alteration we did.  The changes are minor: I painted the beast eyes and gave the robot head a visor like the one on the show.   Jason and I each did one and pictures of each are shown.

rampage.jpg (11621 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

Rampage is an awesome toy, but I wanted the head to look more like the show and be able to attach the crab legs to the shell in robot mode AND still be totally transformable.  Click HERE to learn how to do it.

ramulus.jpg (13758 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

Ramulus is another great toy and no changes are needed except that you can only have the beast head in basically one (awkward) position.  It drove me crazy, so I fixed it!  Click HERE to find out how you can alter your's!

rattrap.jpg (14569 bytes)

by: Jason

This is the first major 'alteration' project Jason did.  He wanted a toy where the rat mode could stand more upright and still be completely transformable.   He even built a 'show-version' box!

ravage.jpg (11481 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

I made Ravage starting w/ a TM Cheetor (Hey, that's what Mainframe used!)  The arms are from an original Cybershark and I re-molded an original Tigatron beast head to make Ravage's.  The chest was sculpted almost entirely from scratch.

scorponok.jpg (14982 bytes)

by: Jason

The toy's coloring looks very different from the way he looks in the show so Jason made many changes.  In addition to resculpting the head, he made the black parts charcoal gray and added the gold and blue 'trim' in the areas which needed it.  

silverbolt.jpg (11002 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

Before he got sappy, this character rocked!  I added color to the areas of the chest/forearms which needed it, redesigned the TF mechanism by allowing the wing module to fold back (like the show) & resculpted the head.  Click HERE to learn HOW it was done!

skyshadow.jpg (13305 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

I always thought they should have had Skyshadow in the show rather than Quickstrike but hey that's just me!  Skyshadow is a great toy, made better with a few minor improvements to the faces of robot and beast.

terrorsaur.jpg (13588 bytes)

by: Jason

Jason's second major project was to give Terrorsaur that 'less wingy' look like he has in the show.  Keep in mind that the wing module is totally attachable and the toy is still totally Transformable.

tigatron.jpg (10261 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

Robot and beast head each needed to be resculpted. Making the white cheetah head more tiger-like was actually quite easy by adding 'cheek bones'.  The gun was given appropriate coloring as were legs & arms.

th1.jpg (10215 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

The biggest change is to the tiger 'brow making it a smooth, steel-colored piece & above it a hair-textured look.  I colored bot/beast eyes to match the post- vok-possesed' look of show & added subtle accents to bot's teeth & steel 'lines' to make 'em stand out.

transmutate.jpg (9239 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

I made Transmutate cutting and blending various parts from several different toys including a Manga Curse, a Tigatron, an Aliens figure, and a "Meched-Out Gargoyles". Certain parts like the face and hand were made/sculpted from scratch.

waspinator.jpg (15167 bytes)

by: K. Lukis

The biggest change was in resculpting the head.  I took the existing one and basically cut it off at the neck and sculpted the new one w/ epoxy.  I also removed the clenched fist and on one arm and added a reshaped hand w/ outstretched fingers taken from Transquito.

parts, tools, paints

We often get asked about the materials and equipment we use:   The following are links about...
* The material we use to make parts
* What tools we use to sculpt, cut, and shape
* What PAINTS we use
* How to ~sorta~ fix flaky vacuum metalized parts



Have you ever altered a figure to make it look more like it does in the show or just to make it look cooler!?   Maybe you made a figure from scratch or created an entirely new character!  If so, this is your chance to show it off to the rest of TF fandom!  E-mail pics to Perceptor &  I'll post them below.   BTW, if you have have your own ats/kitbash page I'll gladly add links to those as well.  As you can imagine, the server our site is located on is already bursting at the seams! Thanks for your contributions!

new! 3/23/2002Joseph Barajas sent us a cool pic of a Botanica figure he made.

new! 3/23/2002Peter van Beek sent us a nice pic of the 1st BW Megatron. (well, 2nd really!)

new! 3/23/2002 *  Check out his new RID gestault Pic1, Pic2 and... TFMaster has his own Alts Page!  W/ much of his very nice work. Check it out here along w/ these links to his other stuff: 
newly added: custom G1 Devastator1 pic2, pic3
G1 alterations: Galvatron, Megatron, Ratchet, Rodimus Prime, Sharkticon & Starscream  BMach alts: Jetstorm, McDonalds toy recolors, Megatron, Mirage, Nightscream, Obsidian, Optimus Primal, super beast mode Primal, Silverbolt, Thrust His own original creations: BW Bombshell, Bonecrusher, Centorr, Grimlock, Grimlock pic 2, Ratbat (CD!), Slag, BW Starscream\

new! 3/23/2002Allan Baker altered his TM2 Dinobot!  Cool!

new! 3/23/02 * Check out fragraham's awesome Kitbash page by clicking the link!

new! 2/20/02 *Check out Kelly Hoffman alt page and what he did to make original Dinobot Swoop look more like he did in the shows.

new! 2/20/02 * "Tons of Alteration fun!"  Ian Barfield has been busy!  Check out his nice work by clicking the links: Arcee, SB Condor, SB Condor2, SB Condor3, Silverbolt, Silverbolt2, Silverbolt3, Bumblebee, Megatron, Otimus Primal, catbots, Cheetor, demon Prime, Diagnostic Drone, Dinobot, Frenzy, Hotrod, Ironhide, JetFire, Laserbeak tape, Laserbeak, Megatron, Noble, NightScream, Optimus Primal, Optimus Prime, Prowl, Scorponok, Shockwave, Silver Bolt, Sound Wave, Starscream, Tigertron, Rattrap, Ultra Starscream

new! 2/13/02 * Sa-weeeeet-ness! Check out Calilech's very impressive Unicron in planet mode  picture1, picture2, picture3.  and pictures of 'how he built it (from two Death Star snap together m,del kits) pic 1, pic2, pic3   Very impressive work!

new! 2/13/2002 *  RICHARD KING came up w/ a cool way to make Depth Charge's disk launcher to shoot further/faster/harder.  Check it out!


Alterations listed in ALPHAPETICAL ORDER by the artist's name/screen name!

Beastmachine completed this car robots kit Super Fire Convoy w/ a little extra paintin' has made some great kitbashes of  Beast Machines characters: Jetstorm, Night Scream, Silverbolt, Tankor, Thrust, & TM2 Megatron.

Bladewing built a small but sweet UNICRON from a gundam RX-78-NT1 action figure! sent me a pic of his altered TM2 Megatron.

Cannon, Charles was attending the show said "hi!"  He showed me some of his latest very well made alterations:  Here you'll see: him with the alts he brought, Botanica1!, Botanica2, BMach Megatron, Optimus...  
...DaClique (/
Rhinox-Trion) has been busy!  Here's a link to his newly done Megatron head which Transforms!  Sweet stuff! In addition check out his other alterations: Transmutate, Cyber-Raptor, Optimal Optimus, Rampage, Transmetal Tarantulas, Blackarachnia, BMach Rattrap, BMach Megatron.  And check out his own alterations web site: Beast WARzone

Cardboardmidget created an awesome BMach Optimus Primal (beast mode)

Casas, Jason made a very interesting alteration of Silverbolt (Pic 1 Pic2) from among other things a Night Slash Cheetor; very interesting!

Chaimovitz, Josh created his own Beast Machine Fuzor: Airstrike

Chan, Chris made a BMac Megs Pic1, Pic 2.  (looks better than Hasbro's! :)

Chrioboy's SD Optimus Prime he created: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5, pic6, pic7, pic8, pic9

Critter made a 'Tiger Galvatron' from a TM2 Cheetor.  Cool!  sent pics of his Dinobot/Rhinox & his own often updated Alt Page. a 3-D artist created his own BMac Silverbolt.  Awesome!  You can also see more of his work on the Fan Made Computer Comics Page!

Derek scratch built his own Super Megatron!  Check out these great pics on his alts page

Desperado00 created his own "King Grimlock!" in bot mode & beast mode!

Digiurco Tom's 's custom called Sabatoge. from scratch: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4

Doyle, Brian sent pics of alts a friend of his made: "Lil Soundwave" & Poke-machines Meowth Cheetor: "Mewtor!" made his own BMac Optimus Primal, Cheetor, Beast Machines Rattrap and Beast Machines Blackarachnia.  Hold on to your jaw because mine hit the floor! Outstanding work!

DreemerNJ's alts Blackwing Franken Prime, Customis Prime, and another pic of "Customis"

Espineira, Louis created some fun alterations w/ LEGOS!  Pic 1, Pic 2

Furiato, Tony sent me a picture of the Ravage figure and a link to his own alts page!  Check it out has his own alterations page.  Check it out! 

hangman's custom Arcee in car mode, Arcee in bot mode

Hillo, Benny e-mailed me some cool pics of his creations such as Prime holding matrix, an autobot sword of leadership, Optimal PrimePrime's 2 Swords, the sword of Primus, as well afan made alts/s a Unicron alt he made which does transform, Optimal Prime, "a little bit o cybertron!" and the Autobot Matrixes of Leadership,  he made! Cool

JediToyMaster had a nice idea, Dinobots for RID!  Here are pics of his SnarlBeast and Snarlbot

Joe has a great Alts page of his own. Here's a great pic of a Tai figure he made; very nice! 

Johnson, Mat BMach Alts: BA Pic1, Pic2, Night Scream Pic1, Pic2, Savage/Noble Pic1, Pic2  

Josh e-mailed me w/ a great link to his alterations page.  Check it out!

jrh200@nyu sent us a great pic/link of Vehicon General Quake PIC1, PIC2, PIC3, PIC4, PIC5, PIC6 from the Botcon exclusive comic.

Ken Singshow had a similiar idea for making swords for BM Cheetor.  He made 'em out of "yellow sign plate" and look fantastic!

KIDkoRRuPt's Custom G1 Car Transformers Check it out! Now including G1 skyfire and other sweet G1 car customs has been VERY busy, (helping us design parts for our accessory packs).  For now you see his own created character Comet Prime Pic 1 Pic 2

/Ched altered his TM2 Meg and TM RATTRAP.  Check it out!

Kin, Leong Chee altered his BMach Optimus Primal & created God Optimus!  Enjoy!

Laine from Australia made a very nice Inferno Custom. Check it!

LioPrime! sent a copy of this cool link to his Optimus Prime made of Gundum.

Lespineira sent some cool pix of Lego "alts:" Constructicons, Devastator2, 3, D tapes, A tapes

Love, Jarred e-mailed me a few pics of his altered TM Megatron, Rampage, (another pic of) RAMPAGE  TM Tarantulas, & Optimus Primal!  Enjoy!

Lucas, Ricky
WOW! That's all I can say!  His death of Optimus Prime is AMAZING!

Moore, Vernon made nice alterations: and new the PredaconsRavage, Arcee, Op Primal, Starscream, & UNICRON!

NEVERDOCHORES altered his Deluxe Jetstorm!  check it out HERE!

Nichols, Jeffery fixed Classic Pretender Jazz, a toy which badly needed alterin'! sent me a pic of his TM 2 Quickstrike

Optimal Megatron sent me a compilation of his alts w/ text explanation w/ Pics! sa-weet!

OsirisPrime's awesome alts include: TM2 Megs, Inferno1, Inferno2, Inferno3, Inferno4, Inferno5.

Proudwolf sent me a picture of the altered Rhinox he did.

Quach, Daniel
altered his Tigerhawk, looks pretty sweet!

RANDMACNALLY mae some great G1 alts including a model of the Ark!  Ark1, Ark2, Galvatron, Hotrod1, Hotrod2, Megatron1, Meg2

Razortank e-mailed me his BM Tarantualas, & other new characters Havoc & Thunderbolt.

Realm of Mangacon by MANGACON sweet stuff!

Resor, Mike Altered my favorite G1 character, Perceptor! sent me 2 awesome pics of an original Megatron & Optimal Optimus that he altered. It's about time someone altered that Op Op robot mode!

Schwartz, Eric entered in the art contest some "Fan-specs" which were very impressive.  Check out the new stories for Jetstorm, Stinkbomb, and G2 Optimus Prime

Shadowclaw created his own self-named character Shadowclaw. While it's not exactly a 'toy' alteration (he took a photo of the toy & altered it digitally) it's pretty slick!

Shum, Robert made a unique "Fuzor Gestault" (Combiner!) sent me some awesome pics of the BW Season 3 Maximal Base he made.  What a great idea! sent me a pic of his Rhinox.

Skyfire7 check out his outstanding Alteration page!

Spencer's Model Page, has awesome authentic car replicas of original Autobots: Jazz, Sideswipe, Optimus and others...

starraptor's created Transmetal Grimlock: pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4, pic5, pic6, pic7 and main page.

Starscream has his own very cool alterations page TF Alterations Page  

Streetwise made a Diagnostic Drone! & BMach Megatron PIC1, PIC2, PIC3, PIC4, PIC5.  Man these are awesome!'s awesom Unicron figure he made out of legos! NewPIC, newpic2PIC1, PIC2, PIC3, PIC4, Optimus, Op transformed

TF kitbasher page can bee seen here!   Great stuff there, WOW he's been busy!

Thostenson, Jeff (edgewise) has created his own Alts page.  Check it OUT!

Troop, Trent sent me a great explanation (no pics cuz pics don't really work well for this sort of alteration) of how to make your's an electronic Blastcharge.

Trout, Larry sent me a cool pic of an Optimus PrimeSD Musha(samuri style) Galvatron! He made it from an SD Musha Gundam Sandrock model kit.

Voorhees, K created his own own character  "Decepticon Prime"  Check it out  HERE and a figure stand for Deluxe Jetstorm he made out of plexy glass and glue!

Wais, Paul
created his own super character: Deceptis the Great! This is very creative stuff!  Follow the link to see and learn all about him! well as having painted Cheetor's Gun and some work on Dinobot!

Werschler, Blair 'altered' Monopoly to create TF Monopoly!  Check it out HERE!

xanderalpha sent me 2 cool pics of a Unicron model made by Lance. It doesn't transform but but it does "eat tennis balls and stuff!" and it sure does look cool! PIC 1, PIC2 

UltimusPrime created his own character " Proteus" for a fanfiction he's writing & explanes: Proteus's beast mode is that of an Ultralisk using pieces from Torca, Scarem, Ramulas, TMII Spittor, TM Tarantulas, & from TM Scavenger. pic1, pic2, pic3, pic4

ultramagnuslrll sent us more great pics in addition to the ones listed below: GalvatronStarscream Flying, Skylynx flying.  ...they're of  Transformers he designed and created from various gundam models.  Awesome idea: Cyclonus, Cyclonus close, Megatron, Megatron close, Seekers, Seekers close, Skylynx, Skylynx close

Vegita did a nice alt of NSCheetor in show accurate colors! NS1, NS2, NS4, NS5, NS6, NS7

VxVLestatVxV@ added to his 'armada' of well done alts!  His lastest TM Arcee here: Bot, beast, vehicle mode.  Also BP Primal Pic1, Pic2, Pic3 and a fully tf'able BM Optimus Beast & Bot!

WRECKER DISPLAY!  Straight from the Botcon Comic, someone (don't know who) had 'em on display! Ramulus1, Pic2, Cyclonus, Rotorbolt, Skywarp, mystery character 1, pic2, pic3, pic4

y2kaye sent pics of Ultra Optimus Prime he made, he also tried sellin' it on e-bay 

Yee, Robert had a very impressive display up of Blackarachina Pic1, Pic2

Zabgoth has his own kitbash page Check it out!

Zobovor's Kitbashes and Custom's: is another OUTSTANDING Alterations page: 

Send questions or comments to