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Beast Wars 10th 2006
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Beast Wars 10th - 2006

Assortment #81147 - 10th Anniversary Beasts

Cheetor, w/ "Equal Measures" DVD & Transmutate upper torso
81181 inst pkg sgt rvw
Dinobot w/ "Code of Hero" DVD & Transmutate L-arm
81203 sgt rvw
Megatron with Predacon Ship & "The Gathering" comic
81211 sgt rvw
Optimus Primal w/ Maximal Ship "Axalon"
81209 inst sgt rvw
Predacon Tarantulus w/ "Spider's Game" DVD & Transmutate left leg
81202 sgt rvw
Rattrap (Transmetal) w/ "A Better Mousetrap" DVD & Transmutate right arm
81201 inst pkg sgt rvw
Rhinox w/ "The Spark" DVD & Transmutate rt leg/abdomen
81179 inst pkg sgt rvw
Waspinator w/ "Possession" DVD & Transmutate head/neck
81182 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #Leader Vs - Leader Vs

Optimus Primal vs. Megatron (Leader Class - TRU exclusive)
81550 inst pkg sgt rvw

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