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  • 2024-05-30 7:28 am by Unicron.com
    Erik from ToyRobot Magazine with something fun.

    Well, I promised some insane G1 goodness, and it's finally in "The Vault"! An original G1 Ultra Magnus Voice Synthesizer display. These are unheard of now and so few of these displays exist. This is a large display that would have held several of the Voice Synthesizers as well as had an electronic component that is no longer there. The box is made from thick cardboard and has a great look to it, perfectly capturing that 1980s vibe. I'm glad to add this to my collection and help preserve this piece of Transformers history. As a bonus, I've included a picture of a mail-a-way brochure for the Transformers movie!

    If you want to have great items like this, head on over to BotCon (Official) June 27th-30th at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There will be a massive G1-era display with what I'm sure is the largest single gathering of vintage Transformers Artifacts ever put on display. Attendees will have a chance to not only see these incredible items but also buy them!
  • 2024-05-26 8:56 pm by Unicron.com
    It's OFFICIAL!! BotCon (Official) has licensed exclusives. Can't wait to see what else gets revealed!
  • 2024-05-25 9:42 pm by Unicron.com
    Feel the might of Magmatron!

    #BeastWars #BeastWarsNeo #BeastWarsForever
  • 2024-05-20 2:21 pm by Unicron.com
    Erik with TRM. Here's an article that would have appeared in Issue #10.

    It is our goal to constantly seek out strange and wonderful items in each issue of TRM. We think we outdid ourselves when a recent scouring of the internet led us to several different handkerchiefs made for the Transformers franchise. We had to grab these items up and do an article on them! Though the Japanese rarely acknowledge sneezing in public, we'll still get ready to say "Daijoubu" or "Are you OK?" as we delve into these collectibles.

    In the world of Transformers, toys are made to be played with and withstand years of use, but cloth items like clothing can be subject to extreme use and wear in a small amount of time. That fate doubles for something as fragile as a handkerchief. The two we were able to obtain both came from Thailand, with one from such a remote area, the mail pickup only comes once a month by boat! With some effort, you can find several hankies that were made. A few standout we saw were from G1 and Beast Wars Neo. All look to have been made in Southeast Asia. We can only assume that is where many of these items were also distributed.

    The first hankie is a G1 homage to the Seacons and the second is from BWN featuring several bots. Both measure around 11"(28cm) x 11"(28cm) and are made from thin but durable cotton. The images are surprisingly crisp and bright. If you manage to get any of these items, we advise avoiding exposure to direct sunlight or harsh overhead lighting as they will surely fade with time.
    Thankfully, their size makes them perfect to frame and display.

    The G1 hankie (from 1988) has the combiner Piranacon in the center and is surrounded by all six of the Seacons. All are detailed in a terrifying art style and might feature some of the best artwork ever made for these gruesome figures. In the upper right is the logo for Transformers Super God Masterforce, the third series in the original Japanese Transformers cartoon that ran for 42 episodes in 1988. Across the bottom it reads "Transformers Headmasters Jr", these were six humans who could transform into Headmasters. Though not related to the Seacons, they were a big part of Masterforce. Underneath the combiner is a small block of text, but due to its small size, we were unable to fully translate it; it does mention a generic description of how the combiners work together from what we can gather.

    The Beast Wars Neo hankie features a giant image of Big Convoy, surrounded by several characters from the show (clockwise): Saberback, Colada, Dead End, Stampy, Guiledart, and Longrack. The artwork looks to reuse promotional images used on various pieces of media. The lower left features the BWN logo. Though this may not feel as unique as the G1 hankie, the bright colors and interesting arrangement of the figures make it stand out.

    We were able to get these items for around $25 each, including shipping. As for their true collector value, it's very hard to narrow in on a price point. Obscure items like this may be something one collector would love to have while another may not care for at all. We were able to find at least two more online, a G1 hankie for $68 (ouch) and another BWN hankie for $17. It'd be safe to say the G1 hankies are anywhere from $25-$50 in value while more modern ones would be in the $15-$25 range.
  • 2024-05-18 10:55 am by Unicron.com
    Erik here from ToyRobot Magazine. Over the next few weeks, I'll be putting up several short write-ups as I catch up on unboxing a LOT of purchases over the last year or so (80+ figures!). My previous job had me so tired and strapped for time, I rarely got to open and enjoy these awesome toys. So, below is one of those quick write-ups.

    Studio Series Sunstreaker (Bumblebee Concept) and Studio Series Sideswipe (Gamer Edition). I'm still amazed at how compact this new era of Transforming Car is. Excellent robot modes and then somehow it all comes down into a car that's barely 2" tall.
    I likes the robot mode for each of these, though I found Sunstreaker a little stiff when compared to Sideswipe. Sideswipe has the cool ability to store his hand on his back and replace it with his gun. Sideswipe has two laser guns that are supposed to combine and store on his back, but I couldn't get the pegs to line up correctly on mine, so in the picture, only 1 peg is holding the lasers to his back.

    Sideswipe's transformation had some issues, as did Sunstreaker, but with a little effort, I was able to get everything to snap into place and look clean.

    Overall I think Sideswipe is the better figure of these two even though I think Sunstreaker looks a lot better. I've always been a fan of his design in pretty much every interaction, while, for some odd reason, I've never really enjoyed Sideswipe outside of a few toys.
    I like the idea of the Gamer Edition figure as it's something that has been needed for a while, and the concept figures from Bumblebee represent what I think was the single best piece of all the live-action films thus far.

    At the time of this writing, you can still find these for around retail value online, or if your are lucky, in stores.