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G1 1990
(42 toys)
Takara - G1 - Zone 1990
(26 toys)
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G1 - 1990

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Assortment - Misc.

Anti-Aircraft Base (Micromaster, with Spaceshot & Blackout)
5557 inst pkg rvw
Battlefield Headquarters (Micromaster, with Full-Barrel & Overflow)
5558 inst pkg rvw
Optimus Prime (Action Master) with Armored Convoy
5737 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5503 - Micromaster Patrols Assortment 3

Micromaster Air Patrol (Blaze Master, Eagle Eye, Sky High, Tred Bolt)
5592 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Construction Patrol (Crumble, Groundpounder, Neutro, Takedown)
5544 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Race Track Patrol (Barricade, Ground Hog, Motorhead, Roller Force)
5543 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5504 - Micromaster Patrols Assortment 4

Micromaster Hot Rod Patrol (Big Daddy, Greaser, Hubs, Trip-Up)
5513 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Military Patrol (Bombshock, Dropshot, Growl, Tracer)
5591 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Monster Trucks Patrol (Big Hauler, Heavy Tread, Hydraulic, Slow Poke)
5512 pkg rvw

Assortment #5700[b] - Action Masters Assortment 1

Grimlock (Action Master)
5917 inst pkg rvw
Jazz (Action Master - with Turbo Board)
5918 inst pkg rvw
Rad (Action Master) with Lionizer
5919 inst pkg rvw
Rollout (Action Master) with Glitch
5920 inst pkg rvw
Soundwave (Action Master - with Wingthing )
5915 inst pkg rvw
Treadshot (Action Master - with Catgut)
5916 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5710[b] - Action Masters Assortment 2

Blaster (Action Master) with Flight Pack
5758 inst pkg rvw
Bumblebee (Action Master) with Heli-Pack
5756 inst pkg rvw
Devastator (Action Master - with Scorpulator)
5753 inst pkg rvw
Jackpot (Action Master - with Sights)
5759 inst pkg rvw
Krok (Action Master - with Gatoraider)
5755 inst pkg rvw
Mainframe (Action Master - with Push-Button)
5760 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5715[b] - Action Masters Assortment 3

Banzai-Tron (Action Master) with Razor-Sharp
5762 inst pkg rvw
Inferno (Action Master) with Hydro-Pack
5765 inst pkg rvw
Kick-Off (Action Master) with Turbo-Pack
5782 inst pkg rvw
Shockwave (Action Master - with Fistfight)
5761 inst pkg rvw
Skyfall (Action Master) with Top-Heavy
5781 inst pkg rvw
Snarl (Action Master) with Tyrannitron
5766 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5516 - Micromaster Combiner Squads

Micromaster Combiner Astro Squad (Barrage & Heave, Phaser & Blast Master, Moonrock & Missile Master)
5905 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Combiner Battle Squad (Direct-Hit & Power Punch, Meltdown & Half-Track, Fireshot & Vanquish)
5902 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Combiner Constructor Squad (Stonecruncher & Excavator, Grit & Knockout, Sledge & Hammer)
5903 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Combiner Metro Squad (Power Run & Strikedown, Oiler & Slide, Roadburner & Wheel Blaze)
5904 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5520 - Micromaster Combiner Transports

Micromaster Cannon Transport (combiner transport - Cement-Head & Terror-Tread)
5972 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Missile Launcher (combiner transport - Retro & Surge)
5974 inst pkg rvw
Micromaster Tanker Truck (combiner transport - Pipeline & Gusher)
5971 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5720[c] - Action Master Blasters

Axer (Action Master) with Off-Road Cycle
5922 inst pkg rvw
Over-Run (Action Master)
5923 inst pkg rvw
Prowl (Action Master) with Turbo Cycle
5921 inst pkg rvw
Starscream (Action Master)
5936 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5725[b] - Action Master Action Vehicles

Sprocket (Action Master) with Attack Cruiser
5752 inst pkg rvw
Wheeljack (Action Master) with Turbo Racer
5751 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #5730[b] - Action Master Attack Vehicles

Gutcruncher (Action Master) with Stratotronic Jet
5731 inst pkg rvw
Megatron (Action Master) with Neutro-Fusion Tank
5732 inst pkg rvw
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Takara - G1 - Zone - 1990

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Assortment #xxs - xxs

sgt rvw

Assortment #xs - xs

Cragun sgt rvw
Missile Bull sgt rvw
Roadjet sgt rvw
sgt rvw

Assortment #s - s

Battle Patrol Team (Gunlift, Powerbomb, Sidetrack, and Sunrunner)
sgt rvw
Build Patrol Team (Crumble, Groundpounder, Neutro, and Takedown)
sgt rvw
Jet Patrol Team (Nightflight, Star Cloud, Whisper, and Windrim) sgt rvw
Off Road Patrol Team (Nutshell, Footdemo, Freed, and Flak) sgt rvw
Race Car Patrol Team (Wheelrun, Roadhandler, Glorean, and Spinchange) sgt rvw
Race Track Patrol (Ground Hog, Roller Force, Motorhead, Barricade)
sgt rvw
Rescue Patrol Team (Boater, Fire, Holi, and Pīpō) sgt rvw
Sky Patrol Team (Breeze Master, Eagle Eye, Sky High, and Tread Bolt)
sgt rvw
Super Car Patrol Team (Black Heat, Deadhour, Gingham, and Road Hugger)
sgt rvw

Assortment #sm - sm

Airport Base (w/ Overair)
sgt rvw
Build Base (w/ Ironworks)
sgt rvw
Fire Base (w/ Hot House)
sgt rvw
Gasoline Base (w/ Glasspit)
sgt rvw

Assortment #ml - ml

Landshaker with Gunrunner
sgt rvw
Sky Hyper w/ Deadwheeler
sgt rvw

Assortment #l - l

Roadfire (w/ Drillbuster)
sgt rvw
Sonic Bomber (w/ Sonic)
inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #xxl - xxl

Dai Atlas (w/ Speeder)
pkg sgt rvw
Metrotitan (with Metrobomb)
sgt rvw
Rocket Base (w/ Rescue Patrol Team and Moonradar, Boater, Fire, Holi, Pīpō) sgt rvw

Assortment #xxxl - xxxl

Big Powered (giftset) with Dai Atlas, Speeder, Sonic Bomber, Sonic, Roadfire, Drillbuster
sgt rvw

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