Transformers Toy List - 2000

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Takara - Car Robots 2000
(69 toys)
Beast Machines 2000
(37 toys)
Timelines 2000
(5 toys)
Beast Wars 2000
(4 toys)
3rd Party 2000
(1 toys)
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Beast Wars - 2000

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Assortment #80410 - Deluxe TM/TM2/Mutant

80506 sgt rvw
Poison Bite
80507 sgt rvw
Razor Claw
80508 sgt rvw
80504 sgt rvw
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Beast Machines - 2000

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Assortment - Misc.

Cheetor (Supreme)
80496 rvw
80544 inst sgt rvw
Primal Prime (Super)
80542 inst sgt rvw

Assortment #26512 - Deployers

Dillo (black/blue)
26513 inst pkg sgt rvw
Mol (red/yellow)
26515 inst pkg sgt rvw
Rav/Cro (red/black)
26514 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80405 - Basic

80464 rvw
80498 sgt rvw
80478 rvw
80466 rvw
Night Viper
80497 inst pkg sgt rvw
80479 rvw
80477 rvw
80467 rvw
80509 inst pkg rvw

Assortment #80465 - Deluxe

80514 rvw
80476 rvw
80488 sgt rvw
80513 rvw
Jetstorm (Deluxe)
80469 inst rvw
Optimus Primal (Deluxe)
80468 rvw
80487 sgt rvw
80486 sgt rvw
Sonic Attack Jet
80543 sgt rvw
80512 rvw
Thrust (Deluxe)
80474 rvw
80511 rvw

Assortment #26517 - Beast Riders

26519 inst pkg sgt rvw
Che (black recolor)
sgt rvw
26518 pkg sgt rvw
Mechatron (purple recolor)
sgt rvw

Assortment #80435 - Mega

80471 inst rvw
80491 inst rvw
80472 inst rvw

Assortment #80475 - Ultra

Jetstorm (Ultra)
80493 rvw
80494 inst sgt rvw
80516 rvw
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Timelines - 2000

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Assortment - [botcon japan]

Choro-Q Megatron (Botcon Japan)
sgt rvw
Choro-Q Mirage (Botcon Japan)
sgt rvw
Choro-Q Optimus Prime (Botcon Japan)
sgt rvw

Assortment - BotCon Exclusive

pkg sgt rvw
inst pkg sgt rvw
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3rd Party - 2000

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Assortment - Accessory Set #1
sgt rvw
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Takara - Car Robots - 2000

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Assortment #go-bots - Spychanger

Artfire (clear - JUSCO Excl)
sgt rvw
Artfire (Super, Clear)
sgt rvw
Artfire (super)
sgt rvw
Artfire C-005
sgt rvw
Counter Arrow (clear - JUSCO Excl)
sgt rvw
Counter Arrow (Super, Clear)
sgt rvw
Counter Arrow (Super)
sgt rvw
Counter Arrow C-010
sgt rvw
Eagle Killer (clear - JUSCO Excl)
sgt rvw
Eagle Killer (Super, Clear)
sgt rvw
Eagle Killer (Super)
sgt rvw
Eagle Killer C-006
sgt rvw
Ox (clear - JUSCO Excl)
sgt rvw
Ox (Clear, Super)
sgt rvw
Ox (Super)
sgt rvw
Ox C-009
sgt rvw
Wars (clear - JUSCO Excl)
sgt rvw
WARS (Clear, Super)
sgt rvw
WARS (Super)
sgt rvw
Wars C-007
sgt rvw
X-Car (clear - JUSCO Excl)
sgt rvw
X-Car (Clear, Super)
sgt rvw
X-Car (Super)
sgt rvw
X-Car C-008
sgt rvw

Assortment #Basic - Basic

D-002 Gaskunk
sgt rvw
D-003 Guildo
sgt rvw
D-004 Gushar
sgt rvw
D-006 Greejeeber
sgt rvw
D-007 Dangar
sgt rvw
D-008 Shuttler sgt rvw
D-009 Hepter sgt rvw

Assortment #Deluxe - Deluxe

C-002 Wildride
sgt rvw
C-003 Mach Alert
sgt rvw
C-004 Speedbreaker
sgt rvw
C-016 Indy Heat
sgt rvw
C-017 Wrecker Hook
sgt rvw
C-018 Build Boy
sgt rvw
C-019 Build Hurricane
sgt rvw
C-020 Build Typhoon
sgt rvw
C-021 Build Cyclone
sgt rvw
C-024 Super Wild Ride
sgt rvw
C-025 Super Mach Alert
sgt rvw
C-026 Super Speedbreaker
sgt rvw
D-010 Dolrailer sgt rvw
Super Indy Heat (clear)
sgt rvw
Wrecker Hook (Super, Clear Justco Excl)
sgt rvw
Wrecker Hook, Super
sgt rvw

Assortment #Mega - Mega

C-012 J-Five
sgt rvw
C-013 J-Seven
sgt rvw
C-014 J-Four
sgt rvw
D-005 Gelshark
sgt rvw

Assortment #Super - Super

C-001 Super Fire Convoy
pkg sgt rvw
C-011 Spychangers 6-set
sgt rvw
C-015 JRX Giftset
pkg sgt rvw
C-022 Build King giftset
pkg sgt rvw
C-023 God Magnus
sgt rvw
C-027 Brave Maximus
sgt rvw
D-001 Gigatron
pkg sgt rvw
D-011 Baldigus - Dolrailer, Dangar, Greejeeper, Hepter, Shuttler
pkg sgt rvw
D-012 Black Convoy
inst pkg sgt rvw
D-013 Devil Gigatron
sgt rvw
God Magnus (black)
sgt rvw
God Magnus (Clear -TRU) sgt rvw
God Magnus and Fire Convoy (clear -TRU)
sgt rvw
God Magnus, Fire Convoy (TRU)
sgt rvw
Mach Alert, Speedbreaker, Wildrider (Super, Clear)
sgt rvw
Super Fire Convoy (Black)
sgt rvw
Super Fire Convoy (Clear TRU Excl) sgt rvw
Super Fire Convoy (Crystal Clear) sgt rvw

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