Transformers Toy List - 2003

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Takara - Micron Legend 2003
(43 toys)
Armada 2003
(39 toys)
Go-Bots 2003
(25 toys)
Universe 2003
(16 toys)
TF Vintage (Walmart exclusive) 2003
(11 toys)
Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) 2003
(7 toys)
Takara - Collector's Edition (G1) 2003
(7 toys)
Timelines 2003
(3 toys)
Alternators 2003
(1 toys)
Takara - Masterpiece 2003
(1 toys)
3rd Party 2003
(1 toys)
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Armada - 2003

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Assortment - Misc

Powerlinx Jetfire, Powerlinx Optimus Prime & Adventure Mini-Cons (Kmart ex. - w/ Mini-Cons Comettor, Sparkplug, Longarm, & Adventure Mini-Con team Dune Runner, Iceberg, & Ransack)
26571 sgt
Unicron w/ Dead End
80773[a] inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80701 - Mini-Con

Adventure Team (Dune Runner, Ransack, Iceberg)
80731 inst pkg sgt rvw
Air Assault Team / Darksaber (Air Defense repaint - Jetstorm, Sonar, Runway)
80738 inst pkg sgt rvw
Air Military Team (Gunbarrel, Terradive and Thunderwing)
80734 inst pkg sgt rvw
Emergency Team [repainted] (Prowl, Firebot & Makeshift)
80697 sgt rvw
Emergency Team (Prowl, Firebot, and Makeshift)
80736 inst pkg sgt rvw
Night Attack Team (Fetch, Broadside, & Scattor - Land Military repaint)
80737 inst sgt rvw
Road Assault Team (Race Team repaint - Downshift, Dirt Boss, Mirage)
80799 inst pkg sgt rvw
Road Wrecker Team (Destruction Team repaint - Buzzsaw, Drill Bit, Dualor)
80699 inst pkg sgt rvw
Sea Team (Oceanglide, Waterlog, and Stormcloud)
80735 inst pkg sgt rvw
Sea Team [recolor] (Stormcloud, Waterlog & Oceanglide)
80696 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80702 - Supercon

Airazor w/ Nightscream
80787 inst pkg sgt rvw
Blurr w/ Incinerator
80728 inst pkg sgt rvw
Cheetor w/ Cliffjumper
80610 inst pkg sgt rvw
Deluxe Optimus Prime w/ Overrun
80727 inst pkg sgt rvw
Hoist w/ Mini-Con Refute
80678 inst pkg sgt rvw
Nemesis Prime w/ Run-Over
80858 inst pkg sgt rvw
Powerlinx Cyclonus w/ Crumplezone
80786 sgt rvw
Powerlinx Demolishor w/ Blackout
80849 inst pkg sgt rvw
Powerlinx Hot Shot w/ Jolt
80784 inst pkg sgt rvw
Powerlinx Thrust w/ Inferno
80785 inst pkg sgt rvw
Rhinox w/ Armorhide
80782 inst pkg sgt rvw
Sideswipe w/ Nightbeat
80733 inst pkg sgt rvw
Terrorsaur w/ Ironhide
80783 inst pkg sgt rvw
Thrust w/ Inferno
80730 inst pkg sgt rvw
Wheeljack w/ Wind Sheer
80677 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80771 - Deluxe Roleplay

Darksaber Sword (Role play)
80795 inst sgt rvw
Starsaber Sword (Role play)
80772 inst sgt rvw

Assortment #80703 - Maxcon

Overload w/ Rollout
80774 inst pkg sgt rvw
Powerlinx Red Alert w/ Longarm
80789 inst pkg sgt rvw
Predacon w/ Sideburn and Skid-Z
80790 inst pkg sgt rvw
Skywarp w/ Thunderclash
80775 inst sgt rvw
Thundercracker w/ Zapmaster
80739 inst sgt rvw

Assortment #80705 - Gigacon

Galvatron w/ Clench
80740 inst sgt rvw
Jetfire w/ Comettor
80726 inst pkg sgt rvw
Powerlinx Jetfire w/ Powerlinx Comettor
80798 sgt rvw
Tidal Wave w/ Ramjet
80776 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80724 - Super Base

Powerlinx Optimus Prime w/ Corona Sparkplug
80788 inst pkg sgt rvw
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Robots In Disguise / RID (2001-) - 2003

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Assortment - Misc.

Dreadwind/Smokejumper (Target Exclusive)
26562 sgt rvw
Landfill set - Yellow (Sam's Club Exclusive - Wedge, Grimlock, Hightower, Heavy Load)
26558 inst pkg sgt rvw
Ruination (Wal-Mart exclusive - Rollbar, Armorhide, Mega-Octane, Ro-tor, Movor)
26557 sgt rvw

Assortment #25900 - Deluxe K-B exclusive

Jhiaxus (KB exclusive)
25901 inst pkg sgt rvw
Megabolt (KB exclusive)
25902 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #26564 - K-B exclusive Destructicons

Bludgeon (Destructicon - KB exclusive)
26565 sgt rvw
Scourge (Destructicon - KB exclusive)
26566 sgt rvw
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TF Vintage (Walmart exclusive) - 2003

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Assortment - Misc.

Autobot Jazz
80674 sgt
Autobot Tracks
80682 sgt
80684 sgt
80683 sgt
Powermaster Optimus Prime
80660 sgt
80681 sgt
Red Alert
80679 sgt
80675 sgt
80680 sgt
80658 sgt
80676 sgt
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Universe - 2003

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Assortment - Misc.

Dinobots: Grimlock and Swoop (Walmart exclusive)
26569 inst pkg sgt rvw
Dinobots: Slapper and Triceradon (Walmart exclusive)
26570 inst pkg sgt rvw
Dinobots: Snarl and Sludge (Walmart exclusive)
26568 inst pkg sgt rvw
Optimus Prime (Sam's Club exclusive)
27401 sgt rvw
Ultra Magnus (Sam's Club exclusive)
sgt rvw

Assortment #80900 - Deluxe ('03-'07)

Autobot Ratchet (2003)
80941 inst pkg rvw
80904 sgt rvw
Dinobot Striker
80905 inst pkg sgt rvw
Inferno (2003)
80942 inst pkg rvw
80902 inst sgt rvw
Silverbolt (2003)
80903 inst pkg sgt rvw
80901 inst pkg sgt rvw

Assortment #80935 - Ultra ('03-'04)

80940 sgt rvw
Optimus Primal
80937 pkg sgt rvw
80936 pkg sgt rvw
Tankor & Obsidian 2-Pack
80938 sgt rvw
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Alternators - 2003

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Assortment #81300 - Alternators Assortment 1

81301 inst pkg sgt rvw
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Takara - Masterpiece - 2003

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Assortment #MP - MP

MP-1 Convoy (Takara Masterpiece Optimus Prime)
sgt rvw
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Takara - Collector's Edition (G1) - 2003

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Assortment #eHob3 - E-Hobby exclusive

Blue Streak (e-Hobby Silver Chrome)
sgt rvw
Clamp Down (e-Hobby)
sgt rvw
Deep Cover (e-Hobby)
sgt rvw
Megaplex (e-Hobby Megatron)
sgt rvw
Road Hauler (e-Hobby)
sgt rvw
Sunstorm (e-Hobby)
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
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Timelines - 2003

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Assortment #OTFCC - OTFCC

Roulette and Shadow Striker
inst pkg sgt rvw
Sideswipe (Universe)
inst sgt rvw
inst sgt rvw
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3rd Party - 2003

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Assortment -

Unicron Stand (Accessory Set #2)
sgt rvw
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Go-Bots - 2003

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Assortment #02896 - Big Adventures Basic

Aero-Bot (blue chrome jet)
sgt rvw
Aero-Bot II (car)
sgt rvw
Aero-Bot Racer (Formula One) with Kid-Bot and Gas-Bot
sgt rvw
Beast-Bot (Gorilla)
sgt rvw
Beast-Bot II (panther)
sgt rvw
Buzzer-Bot (motorcycle)
sgt rvw
Buzzer-Bot (wasp)
inst pkg sgt rvw
Cop-Bot (police cruiser)
sgt rvw
Dino-Bot (Velociraptor)
sgt rvw
Fire-Bot (fire chief car)
sgt rvw
Flash-Bot (truck)
sgt rvw
Hauler-Bot (tractor trailer)
sgt rvw
Mirage-Bot with Kid-Bot and Doggie
sgt rvw
Prowl-Bot (police car)
sgt rvw
Reptron (black, silver, red raptor)
sgt rvw
Reptron (Velociraptor - yellow/silver)
sgt rvw
Scrap-Bot (bulldozer)
sgt rvw
Silver-Bot (chrome jet)
sgt rvw
Silverbolt (jet)
sgt rvw
Speed-Bot (sportscar)
sgt rvw
Speed-Bot II (formula 1 race car) with Kid-Bot and Gas-Bot
sgt rvw
Speed-Bot Racer (sportscar) with Kid-Bot and Gas-Bot
sgt rvw
Strong-Bot (bulldozer)
sgt rvw
Strong-Bot (dump truck)
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
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Takara - Micron Legend - 2003

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Assortment #Change Micron - Change Micron (Candy Pack)

sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw

Assortment #Micron Booster - Micron Booster, (blind pack)

Booster Ver.0: Atlas
sgt rvw
Booster Ver.0: Drift
sgt rvw
Booster Ver.0: Indy
sgt rvw
Booster Ver.0: Jetter
sgt rvw
Booster Ver.0: Mach
sgt rvw
Booster Ver.0: Rod
sgt rvw
Booster Ver.0: Shuttler
sgt rvw
Booster Ver.0: Spin
sgt rvw

Assortment #Micron Legends DVD - Micron Legends DVD

Aqua Raider Team: Breach
sgt rvw
Aqua Raider Team: Freeboot
sgt rvw
Aqua Raider Team: Sunburn
sgt rvw
Emergency Hazard Team: Impulsor
sgt rvw
Emergency Hazard Team: Kingbolt
sgt rvw
Emergency Hazard Team: Quench
sgt rvw
Sonic Assault Team: Combuster
sgt rvw
Sonic Assault Team: Falcia
sgt rvw
Sonic Assault Team: Twirl
sgt rvw
Speed Chaser Team: Mid Shift
sgt rvw
Speed Chaser Team: Tail Light
sgt rvw
Speed Chaser Team: Top Gear
sgt rvw
Super Stunt Microns DVD set - Flat Out, Red Line, Servo
sgt rvw

Assortment #X-Dimension - X-Dimension

MM-07 X-Dimension Air Defense Microns: Jetter, Mach, Shuttler
sgt rvw
MM-08 X-Dimension Land Military Microns: Crack, Bomb, Shot
sgt rvw
MM-09 X-Dimension Destruction Microns: Crush, Duster, Wheel
sgt rvw
MM-10 X-Dimension Race Microns: Indy, Spin, Drift
sgt rvw
MM-12 X-Dimension Air Military Microns: Flame, Glide, Recon
sgt rvw
MM-14 X-Dimension Space Microns: Mir, Apollo, Move
sgt rvw
MM-18 X-Dimension Sea Microns: Float, Knot, Sail
sgt rvw
MM-19 X-Dimension Adventure Microns: Junk, Spike, Winch
sgt rvw
MM-21 X-Dimension Emergency Microns: Draft, Prowl, Twist
sgt rvw

Assortment #Super - Super

Magna Convoy DX w/ Overload and X-Dimension - Street Action Microns: Bumble, Wheelie, Bank, Arcee
sgt rvw

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