Transformers Toy List - 2021

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Transformers Toy List - 2021... 

Generations 2021
(28 toys)
Studio Series 2021
(13 toys)
TF Vintage (Walmart exclusive) 2021
(4 toys)
Takara - Generation Selects 2021
(3 toys)
TF Prime 2021
(2 toys)
Takara - Masterpiece 2021
(1 toys)
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TF Prime - 2021

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Assortment #Generations Selects - Generations Selects

Megatron (10 Year Anniversary) w/ Arms Microns: Hades & Gora II
sgt rvw
War Breakdown & (Aerial) Vehicon 10 Year Anniversary 2-pack
sgt rvw
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Generations - 2021

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Assortment #WFC Kingdom Core - WFC Kingdom Core

Optimus Prime (Core)
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw

Assortment #Netflix Exclusive Deluxe - Netflix Siege Deluxe

Barricade (Netflix) sgt rvw
Cheetor (Netflix) sgt rvw
Deep Cover (Netflix) sgt rvw

Assortment #WFC Kingdom Deluxe - WFC Kingdom Deluxe

Airazor (Kingdom Deluxe) sgt rvw
Arcee (Kingdom) sgt rvw
sgt rvw
sgt rvw
Huffer (Kingdom Deluxe) sgt rvw
sgt rvw
Pipes (Kingdom Deluxe) sgt rvw
Ractonite sgt rvw
Scorponok (BW, Kingdom Deluxe) sgt rvw
Shadow Panther sgt rvw
Slammer sgt rvw
Tracks (Kingdom Deluxe) sgt rvw
sgt rvw
Waspinator (Kingdom) sgt rvw
Wheeljack (Kingdom Deluxe) sgt rvw
Wingfinger sgt rvw

Assortment #WFC Kingdom Voyager - WFC Kingdom Voyager

Cyclonus (Kingom)
sgt rvw
Optimus Primal
sgt rvw

Assortment #WFC Kingdom Leader - WFC Kingdom Leader

Galvatron (Kingdom Leader) sgt rvw
Megatron (Beast Wars Leader) sgt rvw
Ultra Magnus (Kingdom Earth mode) sgt rvw

Assortment #HASLAB - HASLAB

sgt rvw
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Takara - Masterpiece - 2021

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Assortment #MP - MP

MP-52 Starscream v2.0 sgt rvw
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Studio Series - 2021

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Assortment #Deluxe - Deluxe

Bumblebee w/ Sam (RotF) sgt rvw
Dino (DotM, aka Mirage) sgt rvw
Gnaw (1986 TFTM Sharkticon) sgt rvw
Jolt (RotF) sgt rvw
Kup (1986 TFTM) sgt rvw
Sideswipe (RotF) sgt rvw
SS- Bumblebee (?) sgt rvw

Assortment #Voyager - Voyager

86 Hot Rod (1986 TFTM)
sgt rvw
86 Scourge (1986 TFTM)
sgt rvw

Assortment #Leader - Leader

86 Grimlock w/ Wheelie (1986 TFTM)
sgt rvw
Grindor (RotF) sgt rvw
Slag w/ Daniel sgt rvw

Assortment #Supreme - Supreme

SS69 Devastator w/ Scrapper, Demolisher, Mixmaster, Hightower, Scrapmetal, Overload, Longhaul, Skipjack sgt rvw
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Takara - Generation Selects - 2021

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Assortment #Takara Generation Selects - Takara Generation Selects

TT-GS05 Abominus with Hun-Gurrr, Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin, Cutthroat & Blot sgt rvw
TT-GS11 Volcanicus w/ Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop sgt rvw
TT-GS12 Soundblaster w/ Laserbeak (Mercenary Symbol) sgt rvw
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TF Vintage (Walmart exclusive) - 2021

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Assortment #Vintage - Vintage

Brainstorm with Arcana (Walmart Excl)
sgt rvw
Chromedome with Stylor
sgt rvw
Hardhead with Duros
sgt rvw
Mindwipe with Vorath
sgt rvw

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